UK games retail banks on blockbusters as sales stumble

Call of Duty, Fallout and Star Wars Battlefront must deliver if UK games retail is to turn around a difficult 2015.

According to GfK Chart-Track data, physical UK game sales are down 8.5 per cent so far this year. October was a particular disappointment, with sales slumping 24 per cent compared with 2014.

But the real challenge has been in the console space. UK stores tell MCV that console sales are down by almost 20 per cent this year.

“It’s a real worry, all the estimations at the start of the year was that 2015 would be one of growth,” reminded one head of games at a major UK retailer.

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paul-p19881095d ago

Rise of the all digital console gamer (like me :D)

1095d ago
zerocarnage1095d ago

Dont forget digital sales have had an affect on retail sales. People find it much easier to just buy a digital, than go direct to the shop these days. Although there are those who love to own the game or the game and all its extras ie toys, bags, little trinkets n hoodies, there are alot that have pulled away from all of that.

I moved to digital, its more cost effective on xbox one. Me and my friend share games so we both get a digital copy of the game, also i can usually nip on the american market and get it cheaper than in britain. Take wwe 2k16 for instance, on uk store or in shops it were retailing at 90 quid, on the american store it was 15-20 pound cheaper. I had to buy two copys one for my console and one for my sons, i saved around 30-40 pounds and because i share with my friend and my son shares with his son, thats like 4 copys linked up rite there, its all good..

DarkOcelet1095d ago

“If you look at the release schedule year-on-year, we had Destiny and Shadow of Mordor come out earlier in 2014. This year we have Battlefield, Call of Duty and Fallout in November, so the way we’ve expected things to phase is that September and October would be softer, and November stronger.”

LOL! Even the GAME CEO thinks Battlefront is Battlefield :D

On Topic: Its a shame that ROTR didnt sell well.

jayzablade1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

How anyone can say Digital is more cost effective and better is beyond me...for example...CoD Ghosts - Amazon £12/20. XBox Store. £54.99
Wolfenstein - Deals with Gold (think it was 67% off) £16 - Amazon £9.99
If you have someone to buddy up with and share then fine, if you don't then I fail to understand how you can buy digital with no chance of any return if you don't like it as opposed to physical where you can get at least 50% if you're not keen!!
I've done more than my fair share of purchasing this year with approximately 5/6 Wii U games and an Xbox One along with 8 games and counting!!

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