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How we define "human," and who we accept as part of a larger "us" is ROM's greatest question. The complexities of in-groups and out-groups mean that the politics of ROM's themes are inescapable. Horrible atrocities that one group of people enacts on another are often associated with de-humanization, with taking on a group of people and dismissing them as less than human. In the face of a world and a society that is still struggling to accept lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender people, ROM clearly says that if you can relate to a pretend gender-fluid robot, you can relate and connect with anyone. It's a bold, declarative statement backed with aesthetic skill on nearly every front. ROM is a resounding success and one of the most affecting adventures I've ever had.

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Cy1097d ago

Hm, you know, I was just playing Fallout 4 and thinking "This game is a lot of fun. There's so many hidden things to discover and fighting deathclaws that I weren't prepared for really gets my blood pumping, not to mention the settlement system is really great for flexing my creativity in ways I usually don't find outside of Sims games, but what this game is *really* missing is a dissertation about sexuality and gender in relation to group dynamics." I'm so glad there's now a game out there that can fill this gaping void in my gaming life.