CoroCoro is Teasing a Big Pokémon Announcement for Next Month

For those of you who aren't aware, CoroCoro is a monthly Japanese comic magazine that primarily focuses on manga for elementary school children. Among the comics that appear within its pages each month are Pokémon pieces, and these are sometimes accompanied by news and screenshots that pertain to the game series. Many times in the past, CoroCoro has been the first place details were revealed about the next Pokémon game and it most recently revealed new formes for Zygarde.

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Kalebninja1097d ago

Been saying its around the time in these next few months that the new generation will start being teased. This generation was hinted at to be shorter then normal since it was so small which was a straight up lie so hopefully they don't announce an extra unnecessary game.

3-4-51097d ago

Next Pokemon on NX...could be a system seller.

Clown_Syndr0me1097d ago

A proper Pokemon RPG or MMORPG for Wii U and then I will buy one.

Kalebninja1097d ago

Why would they make that on the Wii u with the NX coming in the next year or so? The install base isn't even worth the pokemon company's time.

Clown_Syndr0me1097d ago

Don't even know what an NX is, I don't follow Nintendo.

Kalebninja1097d ago

Nintendo has a new home console releasing soon, theyre going to show it off in the coming months.