PS3 Daily: Where is Alan Wake? Looks like an Xbox 360 exclusive

PS3 Daily writes: "Right if you can all cast your memories back to E3 2006 or 2005 (it's been that long not sure which one) but WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO ALAN WAKE the new title from the creators of the max Payne games.

I mean come on its been 2 or 3 years since we have seen it. What are they doing with it? Its not like they have been working on anything else. As I can remember from the video, they screenshots and it had an amazing look, and looked to be one of the best games graphically with a intriguing story as you play."

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God of N4G3754d ago

TGS is where they're showing this off, am I correct? Seeing as though that's NOT the market for Alan Wake, I'm guessing it'll no-show and we'll all pray for E3 2009.

proArchy3754d ago

Japan established the Survival Horror genre( Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Siren, etc.) and Japanese gamers are historically more interested in games with a deep story. It seems TGS be the perfect place to show Alan Wake after years of a media blackout? MS has been trying awfully hard to court the japanese gamer if you haven't noticed. It doesn't matter anyways as Remedy has stated it won't show at TGS, which is probably a mistake.

Leathersoup3754d ago

I dunno why people were disagreeing with you proArchy... it seems opinions aren't allowed in the place where people write their opinions.

Perhaps your comment wasn't filled with enough fanboy ranting.

Megatron083754d ago

ps3 should be more worried about games on their system and less about the games on the 360. How long did it take MGS4 to come out and then it turned out to be one of the worse games ever made. KZ2 where that at 4-5 years for a genric FPS that wasnt even any good to start with.

not worried about alan wake fact I completely forget about it at times so many good games on the 360 and half them are exclusive its easy to lose track of a AAA game thats in dev. I'm sure when its ready to be shown they will give it the normal hype.

Silver3603754d ago

And this has been known by most people for the last two years. This article is sooooo out of touch.

Mozef3754d ago

@1.3 "Megatron08"
"How long did it take MGS4 to come out and then it turned out to be one of the worse games ever made"

are you aware of what you just typed in that sentence?

tethered3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

That might be one of the biggest fanboy statements I have ever heard!


On topic.
I'll bee getting this on the 360 for sure if it ever comes out.
AAA for sure.

StephanieBBB3754d ago

Lesson of the day:L2Write before you do an article...

power of Green 3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

NextGen Exempt - says
" Most likely a timing issue
Personally I would think Microsoft is doing this because they want to release this at the correct time. It wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to release this around the time of Heavy Rain."

MSFT has nothing to do with Alan Wake not being shown, MSFT wants to show it and they have claimed they were going to show it many times and the devs keep saying no. Pay attention.

My point was, not enough is known about Heavy Rain for any competing dev(assuming REM has even been paying attention to HR) to be strategizing releases to compete with a game no one knows anything about lol.

Nice try...

snoopgg3754d ago

It will be a generic Max Payne ripoff. I really don't care if it comes out or not. It has nothing on Killzone 2, don't kid yourself into thinking that.

NextGen Exempt3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Its funny how when you pm'd that same comment to me, you added the fact that my opinion is "moronic", but preceded to remove that from your response after I pointed out the fact that 237 people who have ignored you seem to think that you're moronic.

You obviously cant comprehend what I was trying to convey. I was stating that it would most likely be in the best interest of Microsoft and the Developer to release this game at a suitable time, when Microsoft doesn't have any other titles interfering. I even mentioned that in the reply below but you still cant seem to understand.

In your own words, Nice try.

Its very easy to see the thing that got you going in the first place was the fact that I compared your 360 exclusive to a title that, god forbid, wasn't being made for the 360. Please leave your fanboyism at the door before you decide to post biased nonsense that just proves how idiotic you are.

Good day.


He said "KZ2" and "wasnt"... This guy came from the future!!!

Oh... No... Wait... He said "MGS4" and "worse game ever made" in the same sentence, forget about it, he is just a plain crazy fanboy.

Or maybe they are dumb in future. "Wasnt" for "wasn't" and "worse" when he means "worst"...

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Bangadoshish3754d ago

But somebody called it "Alan Wait" XD

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3754d ago

Maybe it's got RRoD??? ;-D There's no Cure for it!!! ;-D
Alan Wait...R.I.P ;-D

Bill Gates3754d ago

The hit a wall with DVD9, and now have to start all over and make it a PS3 exclusive on Blu-ray............AHAHHAHAHAH AHAHHHAAHAHAHA

Shane Kim3754d ago

Alan Sleep will never Wake.

Bombibomb3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Lol just look at all these 360 queers getting hyped for this trash Alan Wait. Alan even runs like a homo. You pedophiles think this game is getting pushed back for no reason or something? It obviously sucks, just like that pathetic "gameplay" vid released two years ago (which BTW was running on a PC a.k.a. the lead platform)

Can't wait to see the look on your gay faces when you finally realize all the footage you've seen was running on a PC and the 360 port will look like utter sh*t due to compression. Poor 360 owners.

Obama3754d ago

I called it Alan wait imao. Wait until eternity.

Bangladesh3754d ago

All of these celebrity accounts in one place.

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NextGen Exempt3754d ago

Personally I would think Microsoft is doing this because they want to release this at the correct time. It wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to release this around the time of Heavy Rain.

power of Green 3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I think they could careless about Heavy Rain, it is more of an phatom project than Alan Wake, atleast I'v seen Alan Wake in action vs cutscenes being fuced around with. Please don't make this a vs match between this and that PS game.

silverchode3754d ago

can you give a link were you seen alan wake?

NextGen Exempt3754d ago

Way to turn what I was saying into a fanboy argument.

All I said was that Microsoft is most likely looking to use this game as an opportunity to boost their console when their lineup is weak. I'm not trying to make this into another console argument.

Its really annoying when people cant read a comment without relating it to some form of fanboyism.

sonarus3754d ago

Lol @ 4yr old gameplay footage. Honestly if a game shows gameplay footage from almost 4yrs ago and it still doesn't come out that means the game is crap and they are still trying to fix it

The Wood3754d ago

lol, feeling a touch defensive are we? Both games will get released when they are ready. There is no race here

thenickel3754d ago

Hey just ignore POG seriously lol. We need more people like you on this site that actually want to sit down and have a mature discussion. I agree with your 1st comment by the way and was kind of thinking the same thing.

juuken3754d ago

PoG is always like that. He tends to turn comments into a fanboy war very if Microsoft is so perfect and awesome that heaven forbid someone says something against them.

As for your comment, I agree with it. Microsoft could be waiting for the right moment to bring this game out, especially when they're out to steal Sony's thunder. :/

TheDeadMetalhead3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

How do I have the same amount of bubbles as PoG? How? HOW!!?

The bubbles system is officially broken

Anyway, it's starting to look like this game might not come. Not real sure what happened to it, though. Too bad, though. It looked riveting (and yes, PoG. I know what you're going to say. "It's never coming to PS3. HAHA!" Blah blah blah. Just save it, 'kay? It's a game. Not the british throne.)

juuken3754d ago

Bubbles, I assure you that I may support Sony and the PS3 but I'm far from a fanboy (or fangirl). :)

thekingofMA3754d ago

you not a fangirl?

that is priceless...

while you're not a rabid fanboy (fangirl doesn't flow), it is ridiculous of you to say you aren't one

but this story should really have been titled "Description of Burnout Paradise 'Cagney' Update" because that was the majority of the article!

snoopgg3754d ago

please release this Alan Wake game already!!! Will this game ever comeout???

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cloudman3754d ago

This is Microsoft Mystery game just liek heavy rain
is competitoon?

Bangadoshish3754d ago

Heavy Rain actually exists,the last time I saw some new Alan Wake footage it was like,eh, was like...???

MaximusPrime3754d ago

another xbox 360 game is delayed again..

PS3 is not the only console ya know

TheMART3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )


THe 360 just has a few, while the PS3 almost every game gets delayed.

But you're trying great to get that image disturbed PS3 fanboy.

Not only that, the few 360 games delayed take the time to make the game better.

PS3 games delayed still suck, go play HAZE

Alpha_Gamer3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

zero hype.

Shane Kim3754d ago

The Mart don't you have some Too Horrible to play?

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