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Submitted by Shmammy 2743d ago | article

PS3 Daily: Where is Alan Wake? Looks like an Xbox 360 exclusive

PS3 Daily writes: "Right if you can all cast your memories back to E3 2006 or 2005 (it's been that long not sure which one) but WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO ALAN WAKE the new title from the creators of the max Payne games.

I mean come on its been 2 or 3 years since we have seen it. What are they doing with it? Its not like they have been working on anything else. As I can remember from the video, they screenshots and it had an amazing look, and looked to be one of the best games graphically with a intriguing story as you play." (Alan Wake, Xbox 360)

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God of N4G  +   2743d ago
Only PS3 exclusives get pushed back...right?
TGS is where they're showing this off, am I correct? Seeing as though that's NOT the market for Alan Wake, I'm guessing it'll no-show and we'll all pray for E3 2009.
proArchy  +   2743d ago
Japan established the Survival Horror genre( Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Siren, etc.) and Japanese gamers are historically more interested in games with a deep story. It seems TGS be the perfect place to show Alan Wake after years of a media blackout? MS has been trying awfully hard to court the japanese gamer if you haven't noticed. It doesn't matter anyways as Remedy has stated it won't show at TGS, which is probably a mistake.
Leathersoup  +   2742d ago
I dunno why people were disagreeing with you proArchy... it seems opinions aren't allowed in the place where people write their opinions.

Perhaps your comment wasn't filled with enough fanboy ranting.
Megatron08  +   2742d ago
ps3 should be more worried about games on their system and less about the games on the 360. How long did it take MGS4 to come out and then it turned out to be one of the worse games ever made. KZ2 where that at 4-5 years for a genric FPS that wasnt even any good to start with.

not worried about alan wake fact I completely forget about it at times so many good games on the 360 and half them are exclusive its easy to lose track of a AAA game thats in dev. I'm sure when its ready to be shown they will give it the normal hype.
Silver360  +   2742d ago
MS is publishing this game
And this has been known by most people for the last two years. This article is sooooo out of touch.
Mozef  +   2742d ago
MGS4 turned to be one of the worse games ever made
@1.3 "Megatron08"
"How long did it take MGS4 to come out and then it turned out to be one of the worse games ever made"

are you aware of what you just typed in that sentence?
tethered  +   2742d ago
lol @ Megatron08
That might be one of the biggest fanboy statements I have ever heard!


On topic.
I'll bee getting this on the 360 for sure if it ever comes out.
AAA for sure.
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StephanieBBB  +   2742d ago
The grammar in this article suck donkey ballz...
Lesson of the day:L2Write before you do an article...
power of Green  +   2742d ago
NextGen Exempt writes:
NextGen Exempt - says
" Most likely a timing issue
Personally I would think Microsoft is doing this because they want to release this at the correct time. It wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to release this around the time of Heavy Rain."

MSFT has nothing to do with Alan Wake not being shown, MSFT wants to show it and they have claimed they were going to show it many times and the devs keep saying no. Pay attention.

My point was, not enough is known about Heavy Rain for any competing dev(assuming REM has even been paying attention to HR) to be strategizing releases to compete with a game no one knows anything about lol.

Nice try...
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snoopgg  +   2742d ago
this game will probally be nothing special
It will be a generic Max Payne ripoff. I really don't care if it comes out or not. It has nothing on Killzone 2, don't kid yourself into thinking that.
NextGen Exempt  +   2742d ago
@ power of Green
Its funny how when you pm'd that same comment to me, you added the fact that my opinion is "moronic", but preceded to remove that from your response after I pointed out the fact that 237 people who have ignored you seem to think that you're moronic.

You obviously cant comprehend what I was trying to convey. I was stating that it would most likely be in the best interest of Microsoft and the Developer to release this game at a suitable time, when Microsoft doesn't have any other titles interfering. I even mentioned that in the reply below but you still cant seem to understand.

In your own words, Nice try.

Its very easy to see the thing that got you going in the first place was the fact that I compared your 360 exclusive to a title that, god forbid, wasn't being made for the 360. Please leave your fanboyism at the door before you decide to post biased nonsense that just proves how idiotic you are.

Good day.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2742d ago
He said "KZ2" and "wasnt"... This guy came from the future!!!

Oh... No... Wait... He said "MGS4" and "worse game ever made" in the same sentence, forget about it, he is just a plain crazy fanboy.

Or maybe they are dumb in future. "Wasnt" for "wasn't" and "worse" when he means "worst"...
silverchode  +   2743d ago
alan wake is a myth
Bangadoshish  +   2743d ago
I forgot who it was
But somebody called it "Alan Wait" XD
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2743d ago
PS3 Daily: Where is Alan Wake???
Maybe it's got RRoD??? ;-D There's no Cure for it!!! ;-D
Alan Wait...R.I.P ;-D
Bill Gates  +   2743d ago
Where is Alan Wake?
The hit a wall with DVD9, and now have to start all over and make it a PS3 exclusive on Blu-ray............AHAHHAHAHAH AHAHHHAAHAHAHA
Shane Kim  +   2742d ago
Alan Sleep will never Wake.
Bombibomb  +   2742d ago
Lol just look at all these 360 queers getting hyped for this trash Alan Wait. Alan even runs like a homo. You pedophiles think this game is getting pushed back for no reason or something? It obviously sucks, just like that pathetic "gameplay" vid released two years ago (which BTW was running on a PC a.k.a. the lead platform)

Can't wait to see the look on your gay faces when you finally realize all the footage you've seen was running on a PC and the 360 port will look like utter sh*t due to compression. Poor 360 owners.
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Obama  +   2742d ago
I called it Alan wait imao. Wait until eternity.
Bangladesh  +   2742d ago
All of these celebrity accounts in one place.
NextGen Exempt  +   2743d ago
Most likely a timing issue
Personally I would think Microsoft is doing this because they want to release this at the correct time. It wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to release this around the time of Heavy Rain.
power of Green  +   2743d ago
I think they could careless about Heavy Rain, it is more of an phatom project than Alan Wake, atleast I'v seen Alan Wake in action vs cutscenes being fuced around with. Please don't make this a vs match between this and that PS game.
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silverchode  +   2743d ago
can you give a link were you seen alan wake?
NextGen Exempt  +   2743d ago
@ power of Green
Way to turn what I was saying into a fanboy argument.

All I said was that Microsoft is most likely looking to use this game as an opportunity to boost their console when their lineup is weak. I'm not trying to make this into another console argument.

Its really annoying when people cant read a comment without relating it to some form of fanboyism.
sonarus  +   2743d ago
Lol @ 4yr old gameplay footage. Honestly if a game shows gameplay footage from almost 4yrs ago and it still doesn't come out that means the game is crap and they are still trying to fix it
The Wood  +   2743d ago
"phatom project"
lol, feeling a touch defensive are we? Both games will get released when they are ready. There is no race here
thenickel  +   2743d ago
Next gen exempt
Hey just ignore POG seriously lol. We need more people like you on this site that actually want to sit down and have a mature discussion. I agree with your 1st comment by the way and was kind of thinking the same thing.
juuken  +   2742d ago
PoG is always like that. He tends to turn comments into a fanboy war very if Microsoft is so perfect and awesome that heaven forbid someone says something against them.

As for your comment, I agree with it. Microsoft could be waiting for the right moment to bring this game out, especially when they're out to steal Sony's thunder. :/
Bubbles up  +   2742d ago
TheDeadMetalhead  +   2742d ago
How do I have the same amount of bubbles as PoG? How? HOW!!?

The bubbles system is officially broken

Anyway, it's starting to look like this game might not come. Not real sure what happened to it, though. Too bad, though. It looked riveting (and yes, PoG. I know what you're going to say. "It's never coming to PS3. HAHA!" Blah blah blah. Just save it, 'kay? It's a game. Not the british throne.)
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juuken  +   2742d ago
Bubbles, I assure you that I may support Sony and the PS3 but I'm far from a fanboy (or fangirl). :)
thekingofMA  +   2742d ago
haha juuken
you not a fangirl?

that is priceless...

while you're not a rabid fanboy (fangirl doesn't flow), it is ridiculous of you to say you aren't one

but this story should really have been titled "Description of Burnout Paradise 'Cagney' Update" because that was the majority of the article!
snoopgg  +   2742d ago
wake up call to microsoft your line up is weak right now
please release this Alan Wake game already!!! Will this game ever comeout???
cloudman  +   2743d ago
This is Microsoft Mystery game just liek heavy rain
is competitoon?
Bangadoshish  +   2743d ago
Heavy Rain actually exists,the last time I saw some new Alan Wake footage it was like,eh, was like...???
MaximusPrime  +   2743d ago
another xbox 360 game is delayed again..

PS3 is not the only console ya know
TheMART  +   2743d ago

THe 360 just has a few, while the PS3 almost every game gets delayed.

But you're trying great to get that image disturbed PS3 fanboy.

Not only that, the few 360 games delayed take the time to make the game better.

PS3 games delayed still suck, go play HAZE
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silverchode  +   2743d ago
go play two worlds.
Alpha_Gamer  +   2742d ago
zero hype.
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Shane Kim  +   2742d ago
The Mart don't you have some Too Horrible to play?
cloud360  +   2743d ago
This is Microsofts Mystery game. just like heavy Rain is sonys (the one that has amazing graphics)

MS lead sony just follow. wher have i heard that before. MS announce a mysery game and i think sony just felt like copying and saying "hahha we have a mystery game to"

/sarcasm that heavy rain has amazing graphics
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Cartesian3D  +   2743d ago
Heavy rain is PS3 exclusive(and first party title).. but from what Iv heard, I think Alan wake is PC/360 project..not exactly 360 exclusive

I believe in them , and I think it will be a good game like max payne(I love that game).. but imo its alil bit strange ,why they didnt show ANYTHING for 3 years!?

even CG killzone trailer become reality after same period.. 3 or 4 years is enough for making a huge game(for devs that have only ONE project)
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RememberThe357  +   2743d ago
Alan Wake is being published by MSso... Yeah.
If you knew how Heavy Rain was conceived then you'd know that this was not an issue of wanting a mystery game.
NextGen Exempt  +   2742d ago
Open Zone

Its where you belong. Not only because you're a blatant fanboy, but because you also happen to be a huge idiot. Both Alan Wake and Heavy Rain have been formally announced. I dont see where any "secrets" lay. The fact that you dont think Heavy Rain has good graphics is proof enough of how much of a biased idiot you are.
ChaosKnight  +   2743d ago
I'm sorry, not to go off the issue or anything, but reading this article gives me a giant migraine. Does this author know how to write? There are run-on sentences all over the place, and some parts I had to read over just to make sense of it.

But yea, Remedy is one of those companies that take their time with their games to ensure that they come out with the best product they can have. I just hope it delivers.
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TOSgamer  +   2743d ago
Yep, seems like its written by some middle schooler.
There are also a lot of errors.
1. The game is still slated for Windows according to the official website.
2. The game is being published by MGS but is not "owned" by them. The Alan Wake website clearly states that Alan Wake is the property of Remedy Entertainment.
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krakdol   2743d ago | Spam
RememberThe357  +   2743d ago
You notice that the article starts out talking about Alan Wake then goes into Burnout and trophy support...?
meepmoopmeep  +   2743d ago
why does a PS3 based site even care about this game?
Breakfast  +   2743d ago
Who cares if its ps3 based.
Actually, read (if you can) the article.
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green  +   2743d ago
He seems to have believed that Alan Wake was once a multi console release.I wonder if his head has been stuck under a rock since 2006.
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silverchode  +   2743d ago
isnt this game going to be pc/360?
meepmoopmeep  +   2743d ago
no thanks Breakfast,

i read the short paragraph attached to this and that's enough for me. i want to know more about the game not some dude's rant.
green  +   2743d ago
Yes it is for PC and 360.I taught everyone knew this?
silverchode  +   2743d ago
if this turns out to be a good game ill get it for pc.
mfwahwah  +   2742d ago
This is for PC too!? Every time a 360 exclusive impresses me and makes me consider buying one, they release the game on PC. Blargh.
AcidHorse  +   2742d ago
@ meep
it's not been offical that AW is a 360 exclusive, but many assume it is.
meepmoopmeep  +   2742d ago
i'm pretty sure MS bought exclusivity if not the entire studio already.

i doubt it's coming to a non-MS platform.
there's very little that we know of it since it practically vanished since, what, 2 E3's ago but i still have my eyes on this one.
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Mr PS3  +   2743d ago
More like
Alan Sleep
Viktor E  +   2743d ago
Ahahahahahahahaha,the Xbox 360 is truly the Joke of the Industry
TheMART  +   2743d ago
Coming from PS3 daily? Rightttt....

Second, poorly written as hell my god

Third, half of the article is about Burnout Paradise extra's WTF?!

Seems PS3 website is searching something to balance all the PS3 games that get delayed or something like that.
silverchode  +   2743d ago
dont stories get approved from xboxkings another crappy fanboy website?
power of Green  +   2743d ago
The sad thing, this guy is reaching to spin Alan Wake's progress so that he can take the heat off PS3, in a sense.
The AW devs have never set a date telling the world, the game industry and community a launch date then pushed it back.
silverchode  +   2743d ago
i also dont remember the killzone devs givin a release date but when they give an actual release date its called a delay.
dazzalfc  +   2743d ago
What is it with people
PS3 game gets set back, everyone pokes fun. 360 game gets put back, nobody even blinks.

Im far from a fan of either console, but i find the ignorance from both sets of 'fanboys' or whatever the pleb type term is used today, is frankly both a) hilarious and b) stupid. Neither console is perfect, neither sets of fans should find their choice of console 'perfect'.

Both consoles have sets of games or features that are delayed, simply because it happens. It doesnt mean a system is poor or better, and the fact the PS3 seems to suffer more is mainly due to complexity of the hardware itself, than it being a 'OMFG POS3 iz de worzt console eva!!!1!1!' scenario.

With big budgets, big development teams and an ever increasing need for people to demand perfection, coupled with dificult hardware, titles will get pushed back. If it isnt this title or the Burnout update, its Home or LittleBigPlanet. Its the changing face of gaming. If you dont like it, maybe you should go back to playing in the 16mb era.

I often wonder if people visiting this site do so just to wind people up they've never met, or to actually discuss gaming and have an interest in the industry. Not been on N4G long, but i can already work out which one it is

EDIT - love the way i get disagrees on this. Obviously, we have people in here with more experience and knowledge in the gaming industry than me, which i find suprising
#10.4 (Edited 2743d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
The Wood  +   2743d ago
lol, true+bubble but games on ALL consoles get delayed even on the console that's SOOOOO easy to develop on but seriously this is 'nothing' news
#10.5 (Edited 2743d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SkyGamer  +   2742d ago
I think that one of the reasons why people are upset at ps3 titles getting pushed back is because they either have crappy ports and/or few titles so when something does get pushed back, it matters. MGS4 may be a great game but you cannot just survive on one game. You need to have a flow of great games and that is one of the reasons that I think people do get upset. sony has done enough promising and needs to start fullfilling those promises. They need to treat their gamers the respect they deserve and cater to the gamer. Like they say the road to hell is paved on good intentions. sony needs to start getting a stream of good games and not just rely on first and second party. You need third party as well. It takes time to make a game on this gen so you need ALL the help you can get. All of those presumed projects and how long does it take to make? Even then not ALL the games will make it like the ps3 vegas game and getaway. Personally I didn't mind the getaway game and was bummed when it got the axe.
DJ  +   2742d ago
Yeah, I found that hilarious.
The developer finally said "Alright, our official release date is February 2009."

And then journalists pumped out articles saying "Killzone 2 Delayed!"
juuken  +   2742d ago
Well said dazzal.
Larry Fine  +   2742d ago
@ mart. Why are you still waving your xbox 360 flag around like it's the only console alive. I remember you when were talking all that smack about a year ago. Then the PS3 put it in your eye and you took some time off. Now your back waving your flag. Like you make money off of avery game review. Until you step up and reach HIPHOPGAMERS level (who atleast shows his face)you should shut the Fock up. Alan Wake is going to be a good game and they should delay it if it makes the game better. The last time M$ rushed something it turned out having a 33% defect rate and should be recalled. Let M$ do their thing with Alan Wake and let Sony do their thing with KZ2 and other delayed titles. It usually turns out better in the end.
#10.9 (Edited 2742d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tethered  +   2742d ago
@ TheMART at Xboxkings and power of Green
This will no doubt be a great game but why all the hate for the PS3 really?

At what point do you guys admit that the PS3 can hold its own with the 360?
Can’t they co-exist?
The market is big enough, even with the Wii kicking both their a$$e$!

Will you guys ever buy into both?
Both systems really do have their upsides and downsides.

Maybe someday you guys will see that.
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fafoon  +   2743d ago
Not heard of this Game Before
" Were is Alan Wake "

Is it a search for a missing person kinda game
green  +   2743d ago

Enjoy or Hate it,which ever rocks your boat.
#11.1 (Edited 2743d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
360 man  +   2742d ago
stunning graphics
pixel per pixel shading
vasilisk  +   2742d ago
Dude the headline of the ign video says it all:
"Alan Wake Xbox 360 Trailer - Extended E3 2005 Trailer"
2005??? Gimme a break
power of Green  +   2743d ago
I had no idea people were threatend by this title to this degree.
silverchode  +   2743d ago
i dont think people are threatend by this game, it think its interest since not much is know about this game, anyway if this game turns out to be good ill get it for pc.
power of Green  +   2743d ago
There are more PS3 fans in here, including you lol.

EDIT below: Despite your claim the bulk of bashers are PS3 fans, never mentioned if some are hardcore and some level-headed, I said there are more PS3 fans in here and they are bashing the game due AW being seen as an threat to PS3. lol
#12.2 (Edited 2743d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
neela  +   2743d ago
why wouldt ps3 fans be here ? I see my self as a ps3 fan, dont be confused, not a fanboy. But this is a pc title too, and I cant wait to hear more about it. Looks like a stellar title!

edit: how many have bashed the game in this thread ?
#12.3 (Edited 2743d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
The Wood  +   2743d ago
have a PC too
silverchode  +   2743d ago
i own a ps3 but i also own a pc, and since this game is coming to pc im interested in news about it. But since your a harcore xbox fanboy you cant think outside the box.
Panthers  +   2743d ago
Guys, if you dont have a 360 then you are not interested in this game and shouldnt be in here. Geez.
darkpower  +   2742d ago
1. The game is coming out on PC, too, meaning you don't necessarily HAVE to have a 360 to play (or be excited about) this game. You fail already.
2. Why do you care if anyone outside your little 360 fanboy circle (or anyone that may have some issues about the upcoming game) comments on an article? That sounds more like insecurity about SOMETHING to me. The site if for EVERYONE to comment on ANYTHING! You guys are SOOOO quick to go onto an article about a PS3 game and let yourselves be known in THOSE articles and you never expect any of us to even BLINK, but we're never allowed to do the same by your comments.

You know, next time you bash a PS3 game in a PS3 game article, I'm going to say this, and let's see how well you take it. Because if we're not allowed to post anything in your precious article, then why should you be allowed to post anything in a LBP article or a MGS4 article if you don't have a PS3 or even like the games (oh, wait, that isn't supposed to stop YOU guys. My bad.)

Sorry, that kind of comment just burns me like nothing else.

EDIT: Worst thing to THIS is that you're actually getting agrees for that. THAT'S the scary thing.
#12.7 (Edited 2742d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Aclay  +   2743d ago
That article response from Remedy a few weeks ago about the rumors regarding Alan Wake being at Leipzeg were funny as hell, they said that they just got back from a vacation and the game will be shown when it's ready and I'm thinking, aren't they supposed to be working on Alan Wake? There's nothing wrong with a vacation but I mean, if they had taken a vacation AFTER they had shown or revealed some new details about Alan Wake at E3 or something then it would seem more realistic.

Since there hasn't been any new info on Alan Wake tihs long and it's already been confirmed not to be at Leipzeg, I don't think it's coming out until Late 2009.
dappaute  +   2743d ago
Alan Wake was a PS3 exclusive, until Microsoft bought the company
Bon Scott  +   2743d ago
Maybe that's why this thread is teaming
with Ps3 fanboys.
#14.1 (Edited 2743d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
chrisnick  +   2743d ago
ooooooooohhhhhh...i get it.......i really get it now
u guys pay money for live,and themes etc. and ms uses that same money to buy exclusives, which in turn causes more hardware sales so they get more live (subscription) money, and they buy more games..ooohhh but wait....wouldnt it be a little better, reputation wise, to use some...not all, just some of ur own consumers (unneccessarily spent) money to make sure nothing goes wrong with their console by perfecting the hardware?....just a thought.
asyouburn  +   2743d ago
this game seems awesome
with the whole novellists writings come back to haunt him vibe, but damn, they couldv'e finished another max payne by now. . .
KBDuB  +   2743d ago
I wish they would just hurry up and show something.
Gamingisfornerds  +   2743d ago
This and Heavy Rain have me very interested!
I've been playing some Indigo Prophecy after reading all the positive feedback of that game and am quite intrigued actually!

I really digg those pshycological adventure games! Heavy rain should be awesome and Alan Wake looks like it could be a winner as well.
dkgshiz  +   2743d ago
I think this games fake.
They didn't say anything at E3. This game is just a fake. Too bad so sad.
SkolarVisari  +   2743d ago
I really would have rather had a Max Payne 3 but I would be content if this game actually materialized and turned out not to be crap. Honestly I was never all that interested in this game and by the time it actually does come out I probably won't care.
JEDI WOLVERINE  +   2743d ago
News just in........
Alan Wake will be premiered on Sony's mythic HOME accessory alongside the legendary new Duke Nukem game.
The Wood  +   2743d ago
and it will eradicate the 3 red lights and make the 360's hardware reliable

bubble JW just for lightening the mood
#21.1 (Edited 2743d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
aceman7  +   2743d ago
This game will be best on PC.
qwertyuiopasdfghjkl  +   2742d ago
how can people disagree with you?
Bon Scott  +   2743d ago
PS3 FANBOYS FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just watching the way you goons troll with your multiple accounts
and pound on the disagree button towards any member pro 360 just shows your defeat this gen,and what cowards you people are,
again and again and again.
I love it,
keep it up,
for every POINTLESS disagree(like the 8 Marty got above),shows
who the truly frustrated gamers are this gen,which are you,
the Waitstation owners.
Funny how you guys jumped all over this ONE 360 game delay thread, in an attempt to bring some type of semblance to the real waiting you people endure.
#23 (Edited 2743d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
pwnsause  +   2742d ago
funny because Im hearing more news about Heavy Rain than ALan "Wait" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
power of Green  +   2743d ago
NextGen Exempt - says
" Most likely a timing issue
Personally I would think Microsoft is doing this because they want to release this at the correct time. It wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to release this around the time of Heavy Rain."

MSFT has nothing to do with Alan Wake not being shown, MSFT wants to show it and they always say there are going to show it and the devs keep saying no. Pay attention.

My point was, not enough is known about Heavy Rain for any competing dev(assuming REM has even been paying attention) to be strategizing releases to compete with a game no one knows anything about lol. You think you've won that fight but your opinion is moronic.
#24 (Edited 2742d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
silverchode  +   2743d ago
when did the devs say no? do you have a link or are you just assuming they said no?
power of Green  +   2743d ago
Leave troll no one wants to hear it.
silverchode  +   2743d ago
how am i a troll when im askin a legitimate question?
Shadow Man  +   2742d ago
Alan Wake vs Heavy Rain would be sweet.

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budbundystyles  +   2742d ago
Power of Green,
Give it up already. What pathetic whim causes you to make account after account? Your on like what 4 or 5 by my meager count. Truly sad.
Zizo_ha  +   2743d ago
It could be the next MGS4 for takin that long ..
Bon Scott  +   2743d ago
The next MGS4 ?
Alan Wake is going to be a game,
not an afternoon school movie.
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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl  +   2742d ago
Alan Wake might suck balls, it also might rock kocks.

Nobody knows cause its in development hell atm...
Zizo_ha  +   2742d ago
next MGS4 as a gr8 game not the same material even i doubt it..
VMAN_01  +   2742d ago
This game isn't even exclusive like most 360 games because its also on PC.
jmiscavish  +   2742d ago
can't we call is a console exclusive?
qwertyuiopasdfghjkl  +   2742d ago
the whole point of an exclusive is to buy said console.

Wouldn't make sense if Super Mario Galaxy could be played on the PC.
Xbox is the BEST  +   2742d ago
the PC a console?
pp  +   2742d ago
Sony f*cking droid
SonySoldierEternaL  +   2742d ago
calm down pp

we don't bite
snoopgg  +   2742d ago
pp seems so
pissed off!!!! How ironic!!!! His alan wake has been on delay forever!!!!
Bon Scott  +   2742d ago
Look @ my new avatar.
I found the real life Juuken.
A hotty,isn't she?
Deadman64  +   2742d ago
tomfoolery  +   2742d ago
Noooooooooooooo way Bon,
she's much too fine to be Jewken LOL.
bubbles up b1tch
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