MTV Multiplayer: Game Diary: The Must-Play Nintendo Game Of 2008

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Words will fail me as I write this diary entry. I cannot easily describe the magnificent feel of Nintendo's DS game "Rhythm Tengoku Gold" - coming to America in the next few months as "Rhythm Heaven."

But if "Rhythm Tengoku Gold" were not a video game but instead the process of typing this diary entry, then the sentence you are now reading would have been typed letter by letter automatically by the computer, with me waiting - waiting - waiting - until the moment I needed to insert the period. Then a cymbal would crash. "Crash!" And the next sentence would be automatically typed as well until the moment I could drum the next period. "Crash!" And this whole paragraph would be set to a soundtrack so that every time I typed a period and heard the crash it would be in rhythm with a catchy song. "Crash!"

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