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343 Industries made a terrific impression with their first dip into the franchise, but with a lackluster campaign and multiplayer that still needs tuning, Halo 5: Guardians makes them look like one-hit wonders.


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FriedGoat1099d ago

Well, I just picked up my Xbox one yesterday and started playing halo this morning. (MP)

It seems good, the mechanics are the best they've been in a long time. Not really a fan of warzone, really looking for Big Team to come back.

Not sure if i'll even try the singleplayer, I hated 4's.

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MCTJim1100d ago

Wow, approved in seconds I see to put the game down. Its not a 5.5 out of 10. Its an 8+ scoring game. 343 should be commended on what they achieved. I never liked multiplayer in Halo series and this game has made me like it. The single player is fun, but the multiplayer is a blast. I have not laughed and had so much fun playing a game since MW. I get creamed in some multiplayer games, but I have fun. That is what is missing in the newer games factor.

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spicelicka1095d ago

At least the click bait score is finally hidden. This ultimate proof that this review and other like it are all clickbait trolls.

ifinitygamer1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Article clickbait.
The "high" point of the game is hoarding Mantis REQ packs to go mech crazy. This is virtually impossible: 1) Mantises are quite rare. 2) You have to wait until level 8 at a minimum, which is about 75-80% through the match, if it gets there at all. 3) No chance in hell you get to spawn more than one in a match if they take your first one out.
Sounds like the guy didn't actually play Warzone at all.
Article also starts out by saying "I don't play Halo for its story" then proceeds to rip into the story.
Good job.

GearSkiN1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

I don't even wanna read I, from what you said this guy is complaining about him not able to spam a mantis... That right there already makes me wanna fully ignore this review. Bye.

Yobo51100d ago

Unlike reviewer I actually like Halo for the story first and foremost and could careless for the MP, that's why I bought a lot of the books. I'd say the review would be accurate if it was for the quality of the story, but maybe not the MP, from what I hear MP is at least a 8/10.

Spid3r61100d ago

That guy is completely ignorant of REQ system and how it works....And most likely does not know anything about the Halo backstory and universe!! He should be fired immediately.

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