HipHopGamerShow 8/10/08 Cliffy B Goes at Ted Price's Resistance 2 "The Battle Begins"

* Soul Calibur 4 Video Review
* Qore 3 your access to Playstation Home
* HipHopGamer wins on the Wii
* Jack Thompson Get's Smashed again

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PoSTedUP3782d ago

jones beach is my jump off! finest beach on Long Island. but yo RIP Bernie Mac you were a Legend and will never be forgotten. sad to see him go.

yo man i still been watching your shows dog your doing a phenomenal job man your new web site is really cool and unique. keep doing your thing, my cousin just had a baby boy so im off to the hospital right now, iight ill holla at you later, iight 1luv and god bless, peace.

Spydiggity3782d ago

but in this video he's showin his tru colors. Sounds like a Sony Rep. He does a good job of hypin it though.

Just to comment on the Resistance vs Gears multiplayer...if gears had that many people i wouldn't want to play it. 60 people is WAY too much for Gears. It might work for resistance, but it just wouldn't for gears...though i doubt it'll work for resistance either, but we'll see.
and as for the number of guys on the screen during the single player, there will be a TON of guys on screen in gears campaign, but i'm just not sure how quantity improves the gameplay. It's a shooter, you can only shoot a few guys at once anyway, so all those extra guys are just gonna be runnin around shootin other things. Resistance developers keep bragging about their scale, but there is a point where it becomes too much... i think Resistance is going to cross that line. But like i said, i'm willing to wait and see. I just don't like that Hiphopgamer said Cliffy B can't make that statement cuz he hasn't played it yet, but then says he's wrong for the same reason. He never played the game either.

Omegasyde3782d ago

a 60 player game demands vehicles and huge maps.

Anyone know if they game is getting vehicles?

SuperM3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Guys. Ted Price was the first person to say that more people does not mean a better game to play online after 60 players online was announced for resistance 2. Thats why they have the squad and objective system where each squad of 8 people gets assigned to a certain objective which changes as the game moves along. There will always be a squad of the opposing faction that has the same target as you. This way they can manage to keep 60 players in the game without making the game chaotic.

Insomniac has proven themselves to be one of the worlds most skilled developers and i have no reason to believe anything else then that this is going to work very well. The multiplayer in resistance 1 was very good, and i am certain that it will be even better in resistance2

@ Omegasyde

No, i dont think there will be any vehicles in ressistance 2, and tbh i dont want there to be any either. Huge maps i would certainly count on though.

GOTY 20073782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

This is all there is to it.

Quality of Gears of War 2:

Quality of Resistance 2:

You can see the quality of the games in these video's. You can see there is a difference in the QUALITY of these games. You might have a preference for Third person or First person games....but the amount of polish...quality of environments/characters models, guns, lighting, textures and art direction is VASTLY superior in one of these games.

Some people are just desperate for something to even compete. Resistance isn't in the same league as Gears and only PS3 fanboy's wish it to be. Why are we comparing Resistance with the sequel to Game of the Year 2006, again?? lol Gears 2 is a guaranteed megaton hit. I understand Insomniac are very good and efficient developers....some of the better in the industry, but they don't make games like Epic and haven't made these crazy shooters like Epic has...for years. Resistance 2 might be Insomniacs first truely good shooter title. Resistance:FOM was 'good' but no where near Gears in Quality. It looks the same for these games.

Take off the fanboy goggles. These games aren't of the same quality and it's extremely obvious.

Who knows though, right?? Lair and Haze were supposed to be huge. Maybe Gears 2 will fail and Resistance 2 will be the huge megaton....right???

I guess we'll see in a matter of about 3 months... I'm betting we see Gears 2 on top on Metacritic and I do love Insomniac...they make really fun games with lots of variety. But they make ALOT of games. If Resistance 2 was the only game being made instead of making like 3 games at a time lol... and releasing one every single year...Resistance 2 might would look up to par with Gears. Even the art direction and everything about Resistance is more generic and way weaker looking.

PoSTedUP3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

but you fail to see what quality really is. quality isnt just graphics even though a third person shooter and a first person shooter will look good in their own respective way cause they are totally different games, even though gears game play and graphics are really good its also an opinion whether you like them or not, what ISNT an opinion is the quality and if you really looked into each game you would see that resistance has way more quality than gears sorry. gears is a badass game but facts are facts.

listen here..... guns, content, enemys/action on screen, dynamics and physics all play a part in quality cause whether you like the game or not is an opinion.

resistanc: has more enemys and action on screen than gears, has more content due to blu-ray disc than gears, has more weapons cause every weapon has a unique secondary fire, has a much wider variety of enemys than gears, has a very good story from beginning in to end, the campaign story IS LONGER than gears and that speaks alot about QUALITY. overall resistance has more quality and thats NOT just my opinion. its facts. lighting textures/graphics have very little to do with quality even though resistance has phenomenal graphics and lighting, physics and textures.

GOTY '06, thats great but didnt ps3 come out at the END of 06???? and wasnt that when ps3 was getting ALOT of hate from the media???? cmon, get real buster.

resistance2 and gears2 will be great games and i will own them both : P

lets not forget about online, resistance 20 vs 20 says alot about quality also even though its not right for gears (thats what you think) but resistance can do 4 vs4 and 5 vs 5 also and its still a great experience.

resistance screams quality.

LastDance3782d ago

People loved gearsbecause it was the only thing to love at the time....I Rate halo3 over gears easily...gears is just shallow and repetetive. The guns all look and sound the same and the hit detection was pretty crap. chainsaw death was okay the first 100 repetitive times i saw it. Im not gona be hypnotised by shiny graphics.

However resistence wasnt without its own problems either.

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Viktor E3782d ago

To see a member of the Playstation Family put Microsoft Employees in their place,shows them who's boss

macalatus3782d ago

Cue in the theme song from God of War II.

LossTheEarthbreaker3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

If you could, at least, type properly, it would make you much more presentable/able to be listened to. You sound like a little kid who didn't pay attention in school and has continued his bad habits in the matters of writing and publication 10 years later.

You know, with indentations when you start an idea. The whole notion of paragraphs seems lost on you.

Basically everything you say is one long run-on sentence.

I don't like listening/reading things that feel like they came from the head/hand of a 7 year-old.

You would gain a lot of credibility simply by putting a tad more effort into your writing and show's script. For starters, try spell-check and grammar-check.

I can't even watch the show after reading the crap you put around the video and also just this article's description.

edit: Your title for an article says something about cheat codes and then puts kane & lynch is the victim at the end. First of all, the kane & lynch mention doesn't belong in the title unless you watned to cut the first part out and have it just be "kane & lynch is the victim in a world of cheats" or something.

Kane & lynch was bad, by the way.

Please get Sony's balls out of your mouth, also.

Let me help you with titles, since these seem really hard for you.

* Soul Calibur 4 Video Review
* Qore 3 your access to Playstation Home
* HipHopGamer wins on the Wii
* Jack Thompson Get's Smashed again

Better: "* Video Review of Soul Calibur 4
* Qore 3: Your Access to PlayStation Home
* HipHopGamer Wins On the Wii
* Jack Thompson Gets Smashed Again"

See what I did there? That's called proper punctuation and grammar. You could still work on actually making good titles, but we'll leave that for the next lesson.

Also, could you tell me why you call yourself the hip hop gamer? Do you just like listening to hip hop? Because that would be really dumb and you should think of a new alias.

Or go back to school and come back later.

thewolf53782d ago

ur way too up tight, stfu, it's not like he's trying to make money doing this (obviously cuz he wouldve done some more video editing, more clever titles, which u didnt improve much at all), he's just doin this cuz he loves gaming, which is nice to see

muddygamesite3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

I sincerely from the bottom of my heart HATE arrogant imbeciles like you. If you seriously think you can produce anything better than the gentleman in the video, please do not restrict your senseless, retrogressive opinions to the N4G comment section. Go out there, make your own websites and video interviews before you come in here acting like an english teacher.

And using this an an opportunity to attack his nickname as-well as the music he listens to only strongly reflects your ignorance, close mind and the stereotypical household you come from. Im sorry but if this gentleman decides to listen to hip-hop, then let him be, he is black, and hip-hop will most likely be the music he grew up with. There is a less likely chance he will be into the noisy permutations of rock music and slit-your-wrist gestures that you might be used to.

If anyone needs to go back to school, I'm guessing you are the first candidate. You have terrible manners which once again spells out the way you were brought up. You are the kind of individual that would act out video-game violence.

And on the subject of Sony. You once again identified yourself as a complete and utter idiot. What stops a man from waking up in the morning and having the CHOICE of liking a particular console? Im sorry but you need to face the facts, there are people who like one console over the other, and these are the kind of people we need in the industry to make exclusives sell on their respective platforms. We dont need wanna be "gamers" who act like they own all consoles, but cannot provide full support for all the platforms they own. If hip-hop gamer decides to be a sony lover, then let him be.

By the way, nobody wants your lousy N4G english lessons. You might be more useful in a pigsty, but not in an area that involves teaching people other things. You can either:

a) Quit being blind, and get a real job as an english teacher (which you will most likely be unsuccessful at).

b) Sit down and re-evaluate your life, considering the possibility that you might be a victim of a serious mental disorder.

c) Choke on your own saliva thus making this world a better place to be.

Thank you.

Silogon3782d ago

Criticism, guys. The sad thing is you're not even the one he's criticizing, man. I don't have anything against this guy, Hip Hop, but I've talked to him a few times about what he could do to improve his show and he's reluctant to take any advice.

What that says to me is he doesn't want outside input and that's fine, but to say that his videos are stellar is wrong on so many levels. I can cut his videos down to about 3 mins of solid material and they'd be great.

He needs to look into outside help for his productions if he ever wants to get accepted into the big leagues. Games blow had intricate cuts in his videos and they all proved a point, like the guy or not, he had better videos than this guy.

- world3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

The thing about this guy is he never sticks to his guns. Anyone notice this about the guy? He screams Sony fanboy from the roof tops and then when he gets in front of some Microsoft guys at E-3 he's a completely different person.

That is my biggest complaint with him.

P.S. By the way I'm tracking you Silogon cause I don't think you're who you say you are anymore and I'm going to catch you up.

Omegasyde3782d ago

Oh my bad, I used caps lock. Sorry EarthBreaker, I didn't mean to sound like I was yelling by using caps.

I am going to track your comments and reply to everyone with every little grammar mistake. Even if you forget to capitalize "i" when using it as a pronoun to refer to you.

It's the freaking internet not a essay nor is it a spelling B. However I will agree with you on the comments of the above mentioned title description. N4g articles should reflect a little more professionalism, however comments are off limits.

Write whatever you want, hence its a comment reflecting a opinion which everyone is entitled to.

juuken3782d ago

For all the people ganging up on hiphopgamer: Do you have guts to do what he's doing? Do you have guts to voice your opinions on a video like that? So he supports Sony. So what? That doesn't mean he hates the 360 or Microsoft. It's based on preference. Most of what he said makes sense and I agree with most of them, especially with the fact that the 360 is gaining ground and Sony should be worried about that.

Quit crying-that's all I have to say.

tordavis3782d ago

@Juuken - Sometimes I can't stand you and sometimes I just LOVE you! Thanks for supporting my homie!

I've been giving HHG tips since we first hooked up. He's very open to change and he trusts my opinion. We are doing more to make the show better. Just give us some time please.

Thanks for the support!

InMyOpinion3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

"For all the people ganging up on hiphopgamer: Do you have guts to do what he's doing? Do you have guts to voice your opinions on a video like that?"

Why should he be treated differently than any other games journalist(although most journalists know how to read/write)?

People loved to jump on Jeff Gerstmann when he worked at Gamespot. I didn't see you saying anything back then.

SuperM3782d ago

What about gerstmann? dude i loved that guy. they really f'd up when they fired him alright.

juuken3782d ago

"Why should he be treated differently than any other games journalist(although most journalists know how to read/write)?

People loved to jump on Jeff Gerstmann when he worked at Gamespot. I didn't see you saying anything back then."

...I love how you came up with that. I'm just saying give it a rest. You're just hating on him because he's mostly pro-Sony. If he was singing praises for the 360, you would have treated him as a god.

Get real. -.-

BigKev453782d ago

Shadow Master told you, haha.

Silogon3782d ago

-world I could care less if you're tracking me or not. I also could care less if you think I'm someone I'm not cause I don't even know who the hell you are or where you came from. you're a noob nobody and I am the almighty Silogon!!!

As for all these people defending Hip Hop, that's fine but you can't defend his amateurish video's. you just can't. They're good in a Roger cormen kind of way, we'll leave it at that "ha"

As for The disagrees, Games blow had better videos than this guy. Games blow didn't just talk about nothing he talked about something and never stuttered or missed a beat. He had talent and that pains me to say it but when you look at a lot of these guys now it makes people like the AVGN and Games Blow stand out and to Games blow's credit, under appreciated.

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Rhezin3782d ago

get banned already nasim, god damn.

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