Nintendo Launches Magical Christmastime Commercial

Hardcore Gamer: After an extraordinary display from yesterday's Nintendo Direct, the video game super giant launched a new commercial in time for the holiday rush.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1123d ago

I sold my Wii U recently, I kept it for almost 2 years but I decided to finally let it go. I was hoping for new Mario or Animal Crossing that was actually a real sequel but all we got were very average sequels that were not as good as the previous games on GameCube. I guess New Super Mario Bros. U might be better than the Wii version but it still is not as good as Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World. Super Mario 3D World is also a very average Mario game that is definitely in last place when it comes to 3D Mario games. Mario Kart 8 is better than the Wii version but not the GameCube one and it lacks a real battle mode which is why I would put Mario Kart 64 above it too. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is another one that is probably at the bottom of all the Country games. The physics for the characters felt very weird and off to me which made jumping to platforms more challenging than it should have been but I was able to beat the whole game anyway. I never got to play the three games in the video above but I'm not into creating levels anyway though from trailers it felt like a spiritual successor to Mario Paint.

Ck1x1123d ago

Sounds like you didn't play many games on your WiiU to me!

DragoonsScaleLegends1123d ago

No I played way more games on my Wii U than PS4 through the Virtual Console. That is the Wii U's best feature but Nintendo didn't ever add that many N64/GBA games let alone GameCube games. I had around 20 classics but I only had around 6 Wii U games.

marloc_x1123d ago


how did you feel about the Piranha Plant lighting the family's fireplace?

BenRage31123d ago

The Gamecube Mario Kart is by far the worst Mario Kart ever made. It's rare in this world when there is an actual consensus on something subjective, but the reviewers and the crowd agreed on this point primarily because of the lackluster track selection. Mario Kart 7 & 8 are widely considered the best in the series--one of the Nintendo series that consistently takes a step forward almost every time. Should there have been a real battle mode? Sure, but the racing has always been my favorite part. What are you smoking?

Some people live with the nostalgia glasses on. It's very clear that the new Donkey Kong County games are superior to the old SNES ones--and they should be because gaming has come a long way since then. I recently played the old DK Country series, and I was surprised how choppy it felt to play compared to Retro's brilliant interpretation of the series. Your analysis is wrong on every count, and you have no business criticizing games you haven't played.

DragoonsScaleLegends1123d ago

No Mario Kart 8 is far from being a perfect game like most Wii U games it is just a average Nintendo game. I found my self sliding off the track most of the time and at 200cc it is unplayable. Of course I was able to adjust but none of the younger people I've seen play were actually able to which just makes the flaws even more apparent for a console geared towards kids and a casual audience. Mario Kart 7? What does that have to do with the main series.

No the ratings for Tropical Freeze showed it was flawed. I think your Wii U fangasms are showing. It is easy to criticize Nintendo games because ever game is just a sequel. I never criticized any games I haven't played, what are you talking about? Unless you are talking about Mario Maker which of course I can say that I'm not into building games which isn't exactly criticizing it.

Also this bubble system on N4G is probably the shittiest comment system ever created.

Takwin1123d ago

As a father and teacher and gamer myself, I can and do recommend the Wii U to every parent and student, but I am also honest with them that it only has Nintendo games. Kids actually get this but most parents don't. And despite what many people think, there is a significant chunk of people out there that own (or will own after this xmas), two consoles. They also all have smartphones, most have at least one iPad, and every student I've had for years has had a PC. Oh, and EVERY ONE of my students for the past 3 years has owned at least one DS or 3DS. Those things are everywhere.

The consoles are so cheap now and the bundles so good that only a true fanboy would own one console. I don't own an Xbone yet, but when I see a $249 bundle with two games I want, I will probably finally get it for Quantum Break and Recore and catch up on some exclusives.

BenRage31123d ago

I love this commercial. If only Nintendo had more commercials like this at the beginning of the Wii U era, maybe the platform would have sold better.

Ck1x1123d ago

Exactly! Nintendo should have been advertising the WiiU like this from the beginning. This was one of the better commercials I have seen for the system, next to the MK8 ones of course.

browngamer411123d ago

Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! I'm quite the sucker for Christmas though :)

jcnba281123d ago

I like the way he says "Play Nintendo" like what everyone used to say in the 90's.