Gamernode: Siren: Blood Curse Review

Gamernode writes: "I'm a man who likes his blood and gore in movies and video games. When I need a fix of violence, I go and play Gears of War or Ninja Gaiden, and sit transfixed by how much bodily damage I am doing with the weapons in my possession. However, when it comes to playing survival horror games I prefer a plethora of terrifying and shocking instances over nonsensical violence. Being a fan of the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series, I've grown accustomed to survival horror games following a set formula; explore, solve puzzles, run. Even when this formula is broken down into such a rudimentary aspect, it tends to keep the player interested in surviving for the most part.

I went into playing Siren:Blood Curse without much knowledge of the previous Siren games. I didn't really know what to expect in terms of art direction, storytelling and scare tactics, but in no way was this a negative. I was eager to get my hands on a new survival horror series to compare and contrast with the other games in the same genre. Since there are so few survival horror games to feast upon in the last couple of years I was curious to see where this game would stand in relation to the genre favorites. (Resident Evil and Silent Hill.)"

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