PSN Easter Egg Adds "OLD SNAKE" to Friends

Well, not quite. As the video above shows, if you try to add "hideo_kojima" as an online friend via PSN, the ID is automatically converted to OLD SNAKE.

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Downtown boogey3781d ago

A PSN NICKNAME is very different from a PSN ID!!!
Kojima's ID is hideo_kojima and his NICKNAME is OLD SNAKE!

And this is in the top 3 news...

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Forbidden_Darkness3782d ago

thats sweet, i hope he adds mes.

meepmoopmeep3782d ago

oh, hideo, you silly duck

Ali_The_Brit3782d ago

Hideo is the man when it comes to easter eggs.

LoVeRSaMa3782d ago

Agreed, it also seems some loser disagreed with you.

Shame on him, its likely hes playing Halo 2, I mena Halo 3 right now.

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Kleptic3781d ago

agreed...the "hideo 2" from MGS is still one of the best eggs in gaming history...sadly I discovered it right away; being that I used a cable converter at that time for my PS1 (the TV I had as a kid didn't have video inputs, had to use the old channel 3 thing) right away I knew something was up...

Screaming Mantis was such a perfect hommage to that though in MGS4...the arguments back and forth with Otacon if you switch to controller 'port' 2...the way Campbell requests trying that, then instantly feels like an idiot...

its funny stuff...and great for any fan of the was something that I was expecting going into MGS4, but was still impressed with how well and how many easter eggs there still were...

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The story is too old to be commented.