Disgaea 3 Will Have No Trophy Support

Many gamers have already asked me if Disgaea 3 will have full trophy support. I am sad to report that NIS America had confimed to me a few weeks ago that they were looking into it. However, as of now, there will be no Trophy Support.

As for the DLC, the extra character DLC will indeed be coming to the US through the Playstation Store, but there is no definite release date.

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[email protected]3754d ago

Well said crazy'. But if the trophies comes later this year it going to be awesome either way the game is going to be awesome with or without the trophies.

Vicophine3754d ago

I'd love for this game to have trophy support, it'd make the 1000's of hours I plan on sinking into it a little more worthwhile, please patch it in :(

[email protected]3754d ago

I hope so too later this year along with one of the DLC or with the patch of some of the DLC.