DarkZero: Braid Review (10/10)

DarkZero writes, "Once in a while, a game comes along that makes you remember why we love this interactive medium. A game that pushes at the boundaries of what videogaming can achieve. A game that is such a self-contained vision, that it takes you on a journey which transcends the controller in your hands."

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zapass3485d ago

you biotches come way too soon, it's not even funny.
I guess it's not as much of a problem for your big self congratulating circle jerk-offs :P

NewSchoolGamer3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I just found out about it.

felidae3485d ago

a very nice platformer .. you should try out the demo on marketplace

Sitdown3485d ago

but I am about to go grab the demo to check out all the hype.

JOLLY13485d ago

It has different worlds that deal with time differently in each world. It is a total trip and a blast to play. So far I have 3 full paintings and i am real close on 2 more.

jwatt3485d ago

Yea I'm going to check it out too.

NO_PUDding3485d ago

Haven't got a 360 and everyone is raving about it :(

I just wonder if people want it to be more than it is, becuase PS3 has some 'revolutionary' PSN games coming. On neoGAF there is certainly some skepticism.

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power of Green 3485d ago

A new game shown at E3, it is part of the Summer XBL Arcade premium line-up.

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The story is too old to be commented.