Shedload of New Bayonetta Information for Your Eyes

Destructoid writes, "Even though one writes about videogames seven days a week, some hot looking titles will invariably still slip past my gorgeous eyes unnoticed. One such game to barely register on my radar has been Bayonetta, which is ridiculous, as these types of senseless action games are right up my alley."

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socomnick3629d ago

Im not liking this game. I don't care for the art style or the lead. The lead looks horrible like a 70s drag queen. How did this man go from uber cool devil may cry characters to this 70s cher lookalike.

TheWickedOne3629d ago

I don't know it sounds decent.


If you've been alive and breathing the past 2 weeks or more since EGM hit shelves/mailboxes...THIS IS OLD

DevilVergilX3628d ago

Buying this! Big fans of DMC and Okami! Plus, I need some action/adventure games to hold me off this year because dmc4 was good... but not great.

kevnb3628d ago

resident evil 2, devil may cry 1, viewtiful joe 1, and okami were all gold. Lets see if he can still do it without capcom.

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