Banjo-Tooie also coming to XBLA

"MundoRare has confirmed through different insider sources that, apart from Banjo-Kazooie XBLA, external developer 4J Studios is also working on its sequel, Banjo-Tooie, which will hit our consoles sometime in the future.

Therefore, the idea is not only to provide players with a new connection between BK XBLA and Nuts & Bolts, but also -quite possibly- bring back the original (or, at least, similar) feature between BK and BT that Rare wasn't able to add on Tooie due to later revisions of the N64 circuitry."

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AAACE53775d ago

Now the rarity value for the n64 version might go!

FreeMonk3775d ago

I loved Banjo Kazooie!! Can't wait for it to hit XBLA if the rumors are true!

Even better news that Banjo Tooie is coming as well. I didn't get to play the 2nd Banjo because at that time I was all Playstation, but I've heard good things.

The thing that gets me a little excited is if they do include the missing 'Stop N Swop' feature that they had to take out of the N64 versions.

It's definatly one I'll be buying, but hopefully it won't cost 2 much. I'd be willing to pay 1600 MS points for it. Anymore than that, and I might as well get my old N64 console out.

Andronix3774d ago

The game includes references to Nintendo including Banjo playing on a Gameboy. The most obvious thing would be for Microsoft to remove these references of a competitor- but they're not, and Im glad they're not!

Why should they? The game is a piece of history (10 years is a long time in gaming) and those references are part of a historical game. It's not as if people playing the game from XBLA will suddenly decide to sell their 360 to buy a Nintendo 64/Gameboy is it?! So a good move from MS here. Now how about giving us a release date? and how about working to get that Goldeneye released?...

CyberSentinel3775d ago

...So I'm looking forward to some XBLA classic ports.

KI and KI2 will be instant purchases for me.

Show some love, Rare:)

Montrealien3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Don't you need a live account for that? or is it CyberSentinel? Add me, I'm always looking for scores to beat, you look like a true Xbox fanatic, you must be amazing at games and have many games.

thekingofMA3775d ago

i've been longing for a good platformer to hit the xbox-

N+ was great but got boring and Braid, while worth playing again would not be fun to replay, and those are the only two platformers i have for the 360

on a side note, wouldn't a good cart racer be sick for the 360? (Crash Team Racing-my favorite racing game ever)

zornik3775d ago

I don't think so......i think the original 64 version will go up with this extra attention for these old master pieces.

crazy250003775d ago

unless people recreate it with LBP.....anyways, I definitely recommend 360 owners get this game, worth it.

ParaDise_LosT3775d ago

:D I'm very happy this popped up too.

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