Playboy Chooses its Best Games Of E3, 2008

1. Heavy Rain (Sony, PS3), by Quantic Dream published by Sony: I signed my life away to promise I wouldn't reveal any details about this game. In fact I'm told Sony ninjas will hit me with poison shurikens before I can type the words to describe it, so I will simply say it's by far the most impressive thing I saw at E3. The first video below came out two years ago as a tech demo of Quantic Dream's animation system. The second video shows off what their system is capable of today. This isn't coming for a while yet but looks like it's going to be extremely interesting.

2. Fallout 3 (Bethesda Softworks, 360, PC, PS3): If The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was a little too orcs 'n swords for your taste (it was for mine), this revival of the classic post-apocalyptic RPG franchise will give you a chance to experience Bethesda's brand of open-world hotness. Born in an underground fallout shelter, you step outside for the first time as an adult -- into a world that's been picking up the pieces of nuclear holocaust for decades.

3. Left 4 Dead (Valve/EA, 360, PC): We've seen a zombie or two in the years we've spent playing games, but we've never seem them like this. Fast and brutal, there's no shambling on display. And while these guys go down pretty easy from a shotgun blast, there's one slight problem -- there are hundreds of them running down the hall at you right now. Did I mention they were running? Designed from the ground up for four-player co-op play, it's one of the more visceral grab-you-by-the-throat games we've seen in a good while.

4. Fable 2 (Microsoft, 360): Charming and ultra-accessible, Peter Molyneux's latest is the action RPG you have when you're not having an action RPG. Fable is immersive, open and is constantly putting you in situations where the rubber meets the road ethically. Do you save your sister or 50 villagers? When you find someone cheating on his wife do you do nothing, tell her, or try to extort money from him? Molyneux claims that he can tell more about a person from looking at the way they play Fable 2 than by spending a weekend with them. We love to hear him talk.

5. Resistance 2 (Sony, PS3): The impressive sequel to the PS3 launch title gets a hefty graphical upgrade plus 60-person (!) multiplayer.

6. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Lucasarts, 360, PC, PS3): A staggering number of Star Wars games have been made. A couple of them are worth a damn. The Force Unleashed is going to be one of the good ones. First it delivers a significant chunk of original story, filling out what happened between episodes three and four. For Force-nerds that would be more than enough, but the game also uses innovative visual tech along with a combat system that allows you to kick ass Ninja Gaiden style, then choke wookies or pull pipes off the walls and hurl them at TIE fighters. Total nerdgasm.

7. Spore (EA, Mac and PC): We're into our third year of pining for it, but it's almost playtime. A breathtaking achievement in both software and the concept of play, you evolve a bacteria over thousands of years up out of the oceans, into tribes, up to a global civilization and out into space to explore other planets.

8. Little Big Planet (Sony, PS3): This cute platformer is actually a game development tool in disguise. While you can play through LBP's levels as you would any game's, at any point you can also stop and edit them as you see fit, adding objects, punching holes in things, or changing the entire flow of a level. Sounds complicated until you start messing around with it and find yourself immediately lost in the pure bliss of creation without constraint. Once you finish the game, a YouTube-like system will feed you levels created by other players. Simply revolutionary.

9. Flower (Sony, PS3): Less a game than an experience, Flower shows what can happen when you apply the Sundance Festival formula to video games (i.e. fund the freaks). A dreamy, ephemeral and numinous flight of fancy through your own private wilderness. Must be played to be understood, but have a video anyway....

10. Pixeljunk Eden (Sony, PS3): Part platformer, part acid trip, part the birds and the bees talk, this unique downloadable will make you look at your garden in a whole new way.

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ToastyMcNibbles3754d ago

Me want Heavy Rain! soooo hot want to touch the heiney!

Rick Astley3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I'm wet.

Edit: Gears 2 not even listed. 0_0

sonarus3754d ago

So what if its no gears. This list is based entirely on opinion. I do hope Heavy Rain turns out awesome though:)

meepmoopmeep3754d ago

Heavy Rain sounds awesome from little that we know of it.
I really like story/character driven games.

i'm surprised Gears never made it on that list.
looks like Playboy are a bunch of Sony Fanbunnies

hmmm, Playboy

"i like my new bunny suit.
i like my new bunny suit.
i like my new bunny suit.
when i wear it i feel cute."

sunnygrg3754d ago

Playboy is having an affair with Sony. Me likey.

uie4rhig3754d ago

yeah i guess... but then wouldn't LBP be above Stars wars and Fable 2? and same for R2?

meepmoopmeep3754d ago

well, you know how biased journalists are... they sneak stuff around to seem less fanboyish ;D

Panipal20053754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

No Prince of Persia? Resistance 2* instead? FAIL

Sorry, even if they did give Heavy Rain the top slot, FAIL

*They can't have found it that impressive if they only had one, not very enthusiastic, sentence about it. You know what that means?


supahbad3754d ago

wow you are not that bright, he obviously was affraid of the poisoned shurikens and was not about to breach the NDA and talk about the game. but of course fanboism has blinded you from reading the important sentences

Panipal20053753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

I don't think you even read my post correctly, I'm talking about R2 more than Heavy Rain, R2's not under NDA so the article writer should have been able to say more about it, if they actually were excited for it, it certainly didn't come across in the R2 entry.

Oh and, don't be so quick to refer to me as a (Xbox, I assume) 'fanboy', as a matter of fact my PS3 is the console that I find myself playing on most often (I have the PS3, X360, and the Wii to boot, so how can I be a fanboy?), my most anticipated game right now happens to be whatever Team Ico are working on, so um, you'd better rethink your crack about 'fanboys' especially since you obviously don't know the first thing about me (you do now though)

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Silogon3754d ago

They better of fixed horse mouth from the original video for it to get to me like it has you all, I suppose.

el_bandito3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Haha. Is it just me or does anyone else find that a ludicrous reason to not like a game. Its like saying I don't like MGS4 'cause I hate Solid's manly profuse mustache.

GVON3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

In that 2 year old video they hadn't put the motion capture data for the mouth in, and only had the test motion capture for the eye's so it only had the basic eye moments in.
This was explained when the new eye video was release in early 07, which showed a huge improvement on the 6 month old casting demo.

sounds to me as if the game is a year away at best, but I doubt it will be later than 09, so most likely q3-q4 09 release date. Oh and I can't wait.

heyheyhey3754d ago

looks like people got pretty pumped over the secret Heavy Rain stuff- can't wait for Leipzig

THC CELL3754d ago

HR is going to hit us hard when it comes with a big WOOW this is nice

I wonder how much power from the ps3 is used on this game and LBP

i bet its not as much as uncharted lol

BTW uncharted 2 is soon hell yes what will that look like lol
now they are used to the ps3 this game will pass crysis i bet u

dwjohnson0112113754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

How does a tech demo win game of the show? Flower and pixeljunk eden??????? Are you serious??? and where the hell is gears 2, it had more to offer on screen then this crap.

This is the worst list outside Gamespot. Im glad fable 2 is getting some recognition. I was wondering bout how it's going to turn out.

I loved indigo prophecy till it got far fetched at the end. I wonder if Heavy rain will be more focused.

3754d ago
juuken3754d ago

Oh please, stop crying.
It's an opinion.

GVON3754d ago

At E3 the person who wrote the article was invited to a closed viewing of the game running in real time on PS3 hardware, supposedly everybody who viewed it were left completely speechless. obviously they may be blowing it out of proportion, but if those "supposed" in-game screens are anything to go by then I think they are stating fact and not BS.

Montrealien3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Calling a fellow member the S word is very wrong in the gamer zone btw Rick, you are reported. That was johnsons opinion and there is no need to attack him, I don't agree with him but does it mean I have to not mean any offense and call him the dreaded S word? nope.

on topic

This is opinion as juuken said, no need to get your panties in a knot now johnson, and I can't wait for Heavy Rain. Anything quantic dream and current gen is full of win, even if I only see a screen, lol

aceitman3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

to say what they saw or show what they saw so there showing what there allowed to show they didn't make a big deal from what they saw before but its a big deal now they just cant talk about things they saw at e3 because of contract ...

callahan093754d ago

This guy didn't see just a tech demo. WE only get to see a tech demo.

Leipzig 2008. We'll see what they've seen. I hope.

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