Resistance 2 Beta Details

A few weeks ago, Ign covered the announcement of a Resistance 2 Beta in September that would be coming to the Qore digital magazine.
Today on the PlayStation.Blog, Grace Chen, the Senior Manager of the PlayStation Store, provided additional details for Qore purchasers interested in checking out the anticipated title and its beta.
Annual subscribers to the magazine will definitely be included in the beta under "Premiere" status and will receive early access when the beta becomes available.

Those users who purchase Episode 3 will receive access to the beta as well, but at a later, unspecified date.
Chen also mentioned the contact method, stating that, "All invitations will be made via email/voucher – the beta WILL NOT be accessed through the Qore download center."
Finally, she reassured members within her Store Update story, stating that there will be additional ways to participate in the beta, and that those details would be coming at some point.

Qore Episode 3 is currently available now on the PlayStation Store.

Thanks IGN

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Rick Astley3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I will surely enjoy the superior multiplayer experience that only Resistance 2: United We Fall can offer this holiday season.

n4gzz3780d ago

dedicated server are nice. I hate peer to peer but resistance multiplayer is not for me. I will love single player though. I can't wait for kz2 multiplayer. that game will be huge and system seller.

arakouftaian3780d ago

IM MORE EXITED ABOUT the multiplayer on KZ2 if it is what i think its i will be there every day i can n i will enjoy every sec...

Thank u sony , guerrilla n thanks to isomiac

Montrealien3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

So I'm guessing you guys got Qore for the beta? Add me, I can't wait to try this one. I also can't wait for Gears 2 online, I love Gears Online. Gears 2 and Resistance seem to be very different also. What an amazing few months we have ahead of ourselves no?

btw, has Killzone 2 co-op been confirmed yet?

thank you Gorilla, thank you Insomniac (easily the best sony second party dev) and thank you Epic! :D


Looks like KZ2 will not have co-op on day one, but they said they really would like to do it, even if it has to come on a patch or add-on.

God of N4G3780d ago

But I'll try the beta and see...Still looking forward to LBP and MS2:PR more this fall.

Kleptic3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I have to agree about Killzone 2...the multiplayer announcements at E3 really pushed that to the very top of my list...

I liked Resistance 1 a lot at the time...and it was very good for a launch title (even graphically compared to other titles on the PS3 at the time)...but I have to admit it is almost hard to go back and play feels a lot older than 1.6 years or so...

weapon wise it is still fantastic...but I have to admit I pretty much stopped when the updates changed how certain parts of the multiplayer worked...I never understood why so many complained about the bullseye, and its tagging...the time required to fire a tag more than balanced the fact that most of the time you were getting slaughtered before it connected...but the forums over there were on fire about it, and they eventually made it nearly worthless to even bother...

in either case though...Resistance 2 looks great...and looks to make improvements on the first game in all the right places...however, Killzone 2 looks like the type of shooter to just come in and wipe all competition out entirely...I much prefer the more realistic enemies...the ridiculous visuals...and more dynamic gameplay (being that it has a cover system that gives different options for different situations)...obviously none of us have played either yet...but after the multiplayer was announced for Killzone 2, it looks to have everything it needs and then some to be one of the best games of this generation...

both are must buys for me...but if I could only have one based on not playing either so would be killzone 2 currently...maybe this beta will change my mind though...but so far Res 2 doesn't look to deal out anything I don't already expect...

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KiNg_TED_PRIZE3780d ago

socom +resistance = rumbo in alien vs predator sh*t

meepmoopmeep3780d ago

i haven't been this hyped for an FPS since Halo 2.
hope this doesn't turn me off the franchise like H2 did.

still have to buy the annual Qore. maybe later today.

Kleptic3780d ago

just curious...but what did Halo 2 do that 'turned you off' of shooters?...

XBL going live around then I thought more than made up for the crap single player of Halo 2...and I don't understand what everyone hated about Halo 2's single player anyway, becuase Halo 1's sucked too...giggling idiot aliens speaking English and purple...everywhere...was never something that overly impressed me with any of the halo games...

but they did shine at long as you weren't into realistic shooters...

mjones19943780d ago

I am so excited about this, i can't wait

uie4rhig3780d ago

i wonder when the beta will come to EU, and how we will be able to get in :)

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