New SKATE 2 Screenshots

Here's 6 screenshots of Electronic Arts upcoming skate boarding game, Skate 2. The game is scheduled to be released on the 24th of September in NA and the 5th of October in Europe.

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Rick Astley3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

With the PS3 as lead platform for Skate 2, Dead Space and Mirror's Edge, you already know which version I'm getting.

Hint: The version, not the port. ;)

Montrealien3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I can't agree with this, I mean it is only logical to port from the PS3 and have it as lead since there are clearly problems porting 360 to PS3. It has nothing to do with which hardware is better. Both versions of every games you noted will play the same and look the same. I mean, this is the game that made Tony hawk take the year off after 10 years, lol

Your console war baiting is noted, but your audience is in the other zone, make sure to take out you magnifying glasses and 1080p screen shots to study the differences, I'll be playing the game. And skate looks sweet, I really enjoyed the first one.

supahbad3751d ago

i will be getting the ps3 version too, it seems that as long whichever platform a dev decides to develop on, or if they build both from the ground up the game turns out better.
burnout paradise ps3>xbox
orange box xbox/pc>ps3
from here on out i'm planning on buying the lead platform, after i get an xbox, which will actually be soon because i'm splitting the cost w/ my bro so it turns out i will be buying one

spunnups3751d ago

Both games will look better because the lead platform is the PS3.

The_Firestarter3751d ago

Lookin' great! I wanted to buy the first Skate game, but didn't have the money. I highly enjoyed the demo, so I'm totally looking forward to buying Skate 2 this fall. :)

Alexander Roy3751d ago

Finally a release date... and one not too far away. If they can keep up with what they established and phase out the shortcomings - as they said they will - this could pretty much become my most played game this year.

Any word yet on if the PS3 version will have custom music? The songs in skate.... weren't really my cup of tea. Yeah, NWA is cool, but after the 100th "I'M HUSTLIN!", I decided to mute the game and listen to my iPod.

3750d ago
ZombieNinjaPanda3751d ago

With all the new tricks and stuff, it will be even more fun than the first!

So lets see...which trick shall I try out first in skate then on my board? ;)

Alexander Roy3751d ago

Nollie 360 Flip 540. My favourite trick while cruising the streets.

ZombieNinjaPanda3751d ago

Haha I'll do the nollie, and maybe the 360 flip, but not the 540 =P

shadowxcore3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

lol. maybe you should try tony hawk ;]

jk. on a serious note though. the reason i love skate is because it's focus is the tricks itself. none of this "hey i bet i can 900 off this rail and then manual casper flip 540 off the building. oh and add a backflip or two in there."

payday3751d ago

can anyone confirm this is the real release dates? i hope its true but i doubt it.

niceone3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

No, nobody can confirm this because no release date has been given yet. It probably wont be out before the beginning of 2009.

And also: The PS3 isn't the lead platform. The game is developed for both PS3 and 360 simultaneously. Thats the word from Skate. and Skate 2's producer Scott Blackwood over at the EA-forums!