Funcom employee fired for cybersex with player in Age of Conan

It seems that somebody has been sticking their sword into the wrong dungeon. The story goes that an Age of Conan player summoned a GM and convinced them to engage in a little "role-playing". The GM then took the player to a more secluded portion of the game world and (after a bit of hemming and hawing) proceeded to describe a sexual scenario in graphic detail.

Best of all? The whole thing is a setup.

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I LOVE my xbox3783d ago


[|GM|]: then when you are really hot and needing more I can reposition and slide my wet tongue up your legs and do small circles again around your belly button and then let my tongue trail down your **nt.

Kami3783d ago

is like one of those pedo-bating traps(for the lulz) but for real

sumfood4u3783d ago

Hope this doesnt make other MMORPG punish from hitting other game consoles!


wheres chris henson when you need him

yesah3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

wow that GM must have absolutely no life.


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iceice1233783d ago

|GM|]: er.. how old are you (hopefully not under 18 lol)
To []: I’m 9.
[|GM|]: OMG
To []: “_-
To []: Want to be my daddy? Remember, I do like roleplaying ^_--
[|GM|]: oh nice…
[|GM|]: um your not really 9 are you? I just want to be sure lol
To []: Come on… do I sound like I’m 9? What 9 year old knows about glory holes?

ThanatosDMC3783d ago

This how low dorkwads go when they cant mate with the opposite sex. Sad beings... they should really get out there and realize that people are easy to deal with.... kids these days...

Legion3783d ago

Clicked on the link, actually reading the whole text had me ROTFL.

kevin11123782d ago

that was funny, the gm could be role playing tho. his character looks greek :)

Silogon3783d ago

Absurd, if real. Sad, if real. Strange, if real, to the guy who translated it for everyone to read.

TheIneffableBob3782d ago

I do this all the time when I'm bored. :P
It's hilarious when you put a twist at the end, like switching your gender or confusing the other person.

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The story is too old to be commented.