GameZine: Necrovision First Look

Do you want insane numbers of enemies, massive spurting and suspiciously phallic guns, mixed with explosions, a huge bodycount and ludicrously sized bosses to slaughter?

Or do you want a more sophisticated, deeper experience, a large 'open' world to explore and interact with, a meaningful storyline and emotion-inducing characters?

If you chose the latter, Necrovision isn't for you. If it is the former, then this game could well be firing a rocket of goodness right up your proverbial alley.

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AcidHorse3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Another 1st person shooter.. *sigh*

What is it this time; demons, brightly colored aliens, WW2? This is the same kind of rut the game industry fell into back in the SNES and Genesis days, with the million-and-one side-scrolling games, and here we come full-circle.