SOCOM: Confrontation facial features screenshots

Here are some screenshots of facial features/styles that will be featured in the upcoming PS3 online-only exclusive, SOCOM: Confrontation.

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straightpiff4203783d ago

im picking this up the day it comes out and im gonna have a l ready to go

psdirect3783d ago

I don't blame you. Looks fantastic.

SmokingMonkey3783d ago

got my beta ticket and qore for the beta. i love socoms and i love how this game is online only like warhawk. so i imagine it will have update after update. plus the headset looks slick.

3783d ago
Time_Is_On_My_Side3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

What I'm noticing more of is that women are playing video games more so when it comes to in-game avatars they should support both sexes. In my opinion if a lot of video games with avatar customization had only women characters it would suck. This is why so much people think men only play video games.

Hopefully as time changes they allow more customization with races, not nationalities (because nationalities don't determine how you look), body type (three exist), and sexes. As for the game itself I can’t wait for this to come out for the PlayStation 3.

PoSTedUP3783d ago

i agree with some one plays : )

say it with me, HoO! RAH!!!!

arakouftaian3783d ago

destructible invairoments :( i guess i have to wait until MAG comes (next year) i have pre-order it just to get into the beta meybe the game is good n i end up buying it but i dotn think sooo...

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