Like, oh my God, games journalists should totally grow up

Destructoid's Jim Sterling writes:

"You know what annoys me? How games journalists these days never take anything seriously. Games are serious, and if we want them to be taken seriously, we have to be serious about games, serious about gaming and serious about taking games and gaming seriously. I'm serious about this.

I've had enough. As a games journalist -- which I totally am, since I write on the Internet -- I want to make a stand, here and now, and take it to these immature frat boys who think that talking about boobs and saying words like "butt" and "buttface" are acceptable ways to write about videogames. They are WRONG. There is only one way to write about games, as dictated by me, a random person who has decided it.

Hit the jump as I take us one step closer to credibility."

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toughNAME3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

It isn't the journalists who need to grow up.

RememberThe3573778d ago

I'm just playin. That article was funny, I'ma read it again. Seriously.

On point: I have to disagree, listening to fanboys go crazy is really entertaining. I mean, it obviously gets a little annoying at times, you know when they start throwing numbers around and making baseless claims, but it can also be really amusing.

Nostradavis3778d ago

You guys are missing the point. The point of the article that Jim wrote is that ... oh nevermind I would be wasting valuable keyboard clicks I could spend surfing for porn.

thereapersson3778d ago

Oh the Irony, eh ToughNAME?

Viktor E3778d ago

Xbox 360 players are also another group of people who need to grow up

3778d ago
Lionsguard3778d ago

Gangster, I bet your dad and your mom were sisters and brothers, it'll explain why you're such a retard.

3778d ago
Kami3778d ago

not even N4G is saved from wanksters.
We have enough fangirls to deal with and now wanksters too?!. DAMMIT!!

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kspraydad3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

seems to be the ones that need to grow up. Bunch of infantile f*cktards imo. (f*cktards is an official designation for destructoid and should be interpreted as 'civilized discussion' even in the gamer zone)

Caxtus7503778d ago

I hope this article is meant to be ironic. I think it is.

In complaining about controversial articles for page views he has done just that. Created a controversial article - and got page views.

I also think it is satirical.

Mr_Kuwabara3778d ago

I guess Jim Sterling was reading a lot of Kotaku articles and couldn't take it anymore.

vlazed3778d ago

Reviews should not be about opinions, but should be about objective criticisms. Satire is overrated. It is merely away to skirt around the point you were trying to make by being cute. I am tired of the word journalists, fan boys, and video games. The are demeaning and counterproductive and are only used for and by people who can't adequately make a point. Why so serious? We should be serious because of what "interactive entertainment/art" means for the future and how all these morons who play games and write about games are ruining the very industry that still has promise.

The Lazy One3778d ago

Though I'm not sure if he's being completely sarcastic or only partially sarcastic, I really think game journalists have to do a better job at being objective.

It's one thing to take a developer saying "X console is pretty powerful, but it has Y problem" and get a headline like "Developer: X console is powerful"

It's a completely different thing to take a developer saying "Sure, I like working on X console" and get the headline "Developer: X console is better than all other consoles. If Jesus made a console it would be X console."

You get the idea. There are some conclusions that just come out of nowhere. It's alright to make an editorial, but you can't write an objective article and an editorial at the same time. We're missing a lot of OBJECTIVE news in the industry. Sadly, one of the few OBJECTIVE places to find it is G4, which is a mediocre source compared to some.

vlazed3778d ago

Sorry, sometimes I just get annoyed. It's really all about the advertisements and polarization. You can't have objective journalism if you constantly have to worry about your flow of cash. Video games are a microcosm of news and politics. Sometimes I like to be an idealist and think that video games won't go the route of the music and movie industries, but it seems it is going to be worse. Also I think there is a vague undertone in this article that belittles critical discussion and is merely making the distinction between blogger and journalist so bloggers can get away with what "journalists" can't.

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