Playboy's Jo Garcia on Madden

No, not in THAT WAY. Pwn or Die (the Funny or Die network's venture into gaming) talked to everybody's favorite Cybergirl Gamer. She's insistent that Madden 09 widows/girlfriends will be able to play the game with their significant others and have just as much fun. In fact, Jo's gonna grab it, and she never thought she'd enjoy a sports title. But the training mode and the dual-difficulty levels for cooperative play sold her.

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Hagaf223479d ago

so because the media knows that gamers will click a story with a attractive female, shes now considered a gamer? get out of here.

AAACE53478d ago

But it got us here didn't it! Those sneaky......


So true - and next week Britney Spears goes in depth and tackles the biggest questions of Halo3:

Which truly is better at short range, a battle rifle or dual smg's?.............

thewhoopimen3478d ago

She can tackle me anyday.

Pain3478d ago

i care what a boob model say's about games why?

LoVeRSaMa3478d ago

She is ugly, look at her Teeth...


wow, anyway..


/join #care