Sega's Sean Ratcliffe Discusses Criticisms of Sonic Games

It's safe to say that Sonic games have earned a bit of a bad rap over the last, say, ten years. What was once a tent pole franchise for gaming is now considered merely average at best, and incomprehensibly awful at worst. Of course, you probably shouldn't tell that to Sega of America's Vice President of Marketing Sean Radcliffe; he just might agree with you.

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JEDI WOLVERINE3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

After Sonic3 the series went downhill - Sonic just doesnt work in 3D at all.

Slower paced platformers might, Mario for instance but moving at 300mph into the screen whilst trying not to 'fall off' is frustrating and not fun.

I think that Sonic has probably had his day as a gaming icon - Mario and Link are the only other 'true' mascots in gaming and they dont really hold as much weight as they did in the Sega vs Nintendo wars.

Wish Sega would put their resourses into something supremely playable, something that they used to do best.

Maybe a new ip - and people are still crying out for Shenmue3 or a new Panzer Dragoon Saga game.........heres hoping...