80GB PS3 Official UK release date

Recently announced at E3, the 80GB PlayStation 3 finally has a release date in the UK, 29th August 2008, and will presumably be the same date across Europe.

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sonarus3510d ago

Hasn't it already been confirmed that all new 80GB will ship with DS3. Game isn't bundling it with DS3, sony is

B-Rein3509d ago

Stuff are more expensive here cus we have to pay TAX/VAT etc...

Xheratuul3510d ago

when is this coming to usa?

elitewh0re3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

i wonder how much they're gonna rape us with the price in Britain...
no BC? does anyone know which models in UK have BC? if there are even any left?

xplosneer3510d ago

if you're lucky and find a 60GB, all for ya. But otherwise, no. Just the 40GB and this 80GB probably wont either.
You guys are ripped off. Higher price, and pretty much impossible-to-find "premium" model, which still doesn't have full B/C.

and what's with no card readers and 2 USB ports?!?! I can find that stuff, but I sure don't want the clutter everywhere. Seriously stupid.

PirateThom3510d ago

It'll cost the same as the current 40GB, so £299.

The only UK model with BC was the 60GB and they've been sold out for ages now.

elitewh0re3510d ago

ah right, tad annoying, might have to check ebay for one.. cheers for the update, can't believe its £299.. thats the same as original retail in america..

Chuck Norris3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

"can't believe its £299.. thats the same as original retail in america.."


HAZ33510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

£299 = $573.904

shine13963510d ago

what about the mgs edition...?

kwicksandz3509d ago

The exchange rate to the US is hovering at about 99c to one aussie dollar atm. Yet an OZ 40gb costs $745. Wheres my 399 Ps3 sony?

Bazookajoe_833509d ago

It was 1035$, now afterwards i kinda whised i would have waited. But they are still expensive, they go for 657$ for the 40gb model :-(

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dro3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

im in the uk and i alerday got a ps3,people i know dont really care about bc over here.the 80g ps3 is gonna sell alot over here ,i just feel it!

elitewh0re3510d ago

yeah you're right the bc isn't a sought after feature for many of my friends but its nice having that option, my ps2 broke a long time ago and i still havent played ffxii haha (though i heard it's quite the disapointment)

crillyconlig3510d ago

i have mates waiting for the 80gig...............

gta_cb3509d ago

i bought the 40gb SKU and just stuck a 120GB hdd in sorted =p

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The story is too old to be commented.