Gameboyz PS2 Review: MLB Power Pros 2008

GB reports:

''Visually, MLB Power Pros 2008 is not a bad looking game, but it isn't great either. While playing I could not help but wonder how it would look in high definition, but unfortunately it is not available on any of the more powerful next-generation consoles. Overall the game on the PS2 is very colorful and vibrant. From the games menus to the players and crowd, MLB Power Pros 2008 has eye popping colors and is a clean looking game. That being said I did have some concerns.

For starters, the players lack any real detail. Although I acknowledge this was done intentionally and many fans of the franchise absolutely love those cartoonish/avatar-like characters. However, no legs and circles for hands? It seems really odd to me and I don't see the attraction that so many others apparently see. The players remind me of Mii's that you'd find on the Nintendo Wii. They do give the game that arcade feel and as my wife would say "oh they look so cute", but is this really an arcade game?

You can recognize some of the players as they manage to have some very unique features of those they are portraying in the game. Manny Ramirez' character has long braided hair and Chase Utley has his trademark sideburns. However for the most part the only way to tell one player from another is the games announcer or the player's name displayed on the bottom left hand corner of the screen when he is up to bat. The players move fluidly and smoothly but to be quite honest the players just do not cut it for me, but this is a personal preference.''

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