Editorial: Violence in games doesn't translate to real violence

Destructoid writes: "I am a murderer. I have killed countless thousands. I've randomly beaten a woman on a public street with a golf club while citizens watched. I killed her with it, and then proceeded to stomp on her corpse. I did it so I could get money. No one called the cops. If they had called, it wouldn't matter. I would have just killed them as well.

Yesterday, I killed a man with a rifle. It took several more shots than what I wish it would have, but it felt gratifying when the deed was over. In fact, my peers were happy that I did it. Together, we learned that killing equaled success.

A few days ago I split a man in half with a chainsaw. I hid behind the side of a building and watched my victim stumble to my position. I knew he didn't expect me. I became a hunter, and the person my prey. As the engine revved and jagged metal chain tore through skin I felt nothing. No remorse or pity entered into my mind. It was business, even when his viscera spilled all over my body and the ground beneath us as we danced the fatal dance.

I've brokered deals with devils, I've served dark lords, and I have willingly joined the dark side. When I was younger I stomped on insects, beat stray dogs with bats. I've knocked men into pits of spikes. I've stood behind desks blowing zombies' heads to bits. I've also used a lawnmower to accomplish that task as well. I have willingly used psychotic drugs to kill the pain. I've even been the future of humanity's suffering. Why would I do all of this? Because I think it's fun..."

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buckethead_X3783d ago

that little, um, monologue was intense. I feel like playing violent games now.

ShinMaster3783d ago

No sh*t!

People who commit crimes in the name of videogames are mentally unstable in the first place.