New Images of Kingdom Hearts & Dissidia

Check out a slew of new pics of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days, Coded and Final Fantasy Dissidia.

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Marceles3781d ago

Wow...the pixelated DS screens are tough to look at after seeing the PSP's KH. KH mobile doesn't look half bad too.

gaffyh3781d ago

Yeah, KH mobile looks surprisingly good

Mr_Kuwabara3781d ago

Wow, Coded looks better than the DS version.

iamtehpwn3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

which are more powerful than your PC.
Seriously, Japanese phones are hella powerful.

Although 358/2 days is Pixelated because DS lacks Bilinear texture Filtering, which was a feature even N64 had(which made it's games look a lot more cleaner than PS1 games), and why it lacks is beyond me.

I like 358/2 days though...reminds me of FF7/8/9 because of the pixelation. =]

iamtehpwn3781d ago

did I get disagrees?
I stated all facts.
you can't disagree with facts.

Dissidia3781d ago

These games are looking good, the DS game is a little on the pixelated side though. Lol

geda3781d ago

weird... i had always imagined Coded as being almost... text based, dare i say? that's pretty cool that it's in 3d. :)

by the way, speaking of mobile games, do you need a high-end phone to play a game with those quality visuals?

noname1083781d ago

if you were to put one of those ds screenshots to actual size on a ds screen it wouldnt look as pixelated. Where have you seen a ds with a PSP sized screen or bigger. Any ways they all look great hope I can at least get to try out 358/2 and BBS. BBS looks amazing

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