Games That Should Have Taken Their Time!

That Gaming Site has compiled a list of games they believe could have been so much better had they been given a minor delay. Do you agree/disagree with the list? Wish something was added? Then hit the jump and give your view!

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outlawlife3661d ago

really don't think a delay would have done much for any of those games to be honest

they were all just okay games, they really didn't have anything special to make them great to begin with

Elven63661d ago

A delay would have done wonder to some of those games, the rest would be mixed, it would definitely make them better then what they are now but probably not top notch unless the people behind it use the extra time to the fullest.

unbiased3661d ago

First off, It ran in Full 1080p native and had horid frame rates. they should have gone 720p to smooth that out. Also it was clearly a unfinished game in every aspect. I know because I finished it twice.
Some parts of the games looked amazing while some parts looked worse then N64 graphics. Just like Haze it was not finished. Another 10 million and another year and the game could have been AAA

lsujester3661d ago

As far as the level graphics in some parts, totally. But the control issues wouldn't be fixed with time as they intentionally went with that control scheme.

PeterGriffinSays3661d ago is a very good game.

But imagine it at full 1080P and a solid 60 FPS? It would be the best game ever.

theusedfake3661d ago

it was just ok to begin with imo.

mediocre is still mediocre,
no matter the resolution or frame rate

lsujester3661d ago

Please, a big part of it's problems was that so much time was spent on it putting in more and more buildings instead of actual content.

What would have made it better would have been more stuff to do like in previous GTA's. Planes, jetpacks, parachutes, tanks. Screw their attempt at "realism" and give me back the fun.

Elven63661d ago

Staying within the bounds of realism did allow them to give us some fun with the military helicopters and stuff.

outlawlife3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

with the amount of things going on in one frame in GTA4 if they would have went native 1080p for that game it would have suffered terribly

it is very difficult to squeeze the hardware to get a high quality visual result as well as a smooth frame rate at high resolutions

no matter of time, programming, or money can fix limitations of the hardware

both consoles have an equally hard time doing this because it takes a lot of resources that can be better used in the game doing other tasks that improve the experience more

Elven63661d ago

On the PS3 port they couldn't pull native 720p, native 1080p would have been a nightmare for the developers. 720p on the 360 seems to have allowed them to keep a constant frame rate for the most part, 1080p would have added to the frame rate woes.

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Old Snake3661d ago

List is meh. Just delaying those games wouldn't make them better. The list was full of flops or disappointing sequels.

Elven63661d ago

Feel free to post your own.

Their is actually a market of people who buy based on reviews, if a game is buggy it will generally get bad reviews or not as good as they should be reviews.

rob60213661d ago

I was thinking of Uncharted: I know the game is great, looks great and is fun to play, But it does suffer from V-Sync and framerate issues that could have been cleaned up with more time.

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