What is PSPzProject?

DCEmu has launched a new site for the Project PSPzProject.
PSPZ is a combined hardware and software project with the aim of adding to the psp platform features that should have been there from psp's launch.

Features such as

1) full touch screen support,

2) increased battery life

3)re-designed control pad

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rockleex3780d ago

They should totally add the missing second analog stick to that list. >_<

uie4rhig3780d ago

definitely agree lol.. also R2, R3, L2, L3 as well and motion sensing...
if sony did that from the beginning, all PS3 games could have been using remote play now :) which meant more sales for sony..

Darksaviour693780d ago

seems like an interesting project, The author is looking feedback from the community, so you could posts in the comments of the article requesting additional features

STLiens3780d ago

I wist they would just add Dual analogs and an L2 and R2, then you could have every PS3 game with remote play. That would be a perfect PS3/PSP world.

lewis3780d ago

but whay not a portable ps3.

Born2BK1NG3779d ago

make the screen 1080p! FULL HD BABY!!