Gears of War 2 Lancer Xbox 360 orders skyrocket

Advanced orders for the Gears of War 2 Lancer, which includes a life-size weapon from the series, skyrocketed upon availability at

Initial sales increase as much as 330,000 percent on Friday evening, the first day the Amazon exclusive product was made available.

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MrWonderful3663d ago

i would like to get this but for $130 i dont know.

TheHater3663d ago

hmmm buy this or two games? I will buy two games because I will actually be able to play them

Dark_Vendetta3663d ago

I don't know why somebody would want to buy this. Sure I'll get GeOW2, but what should I do with a stupid plastic Lancer (for 130€ wtf?)?

chasuk083663d ago

Yeh i would also rather buy 2 games. Only a nerd would buy this.

PimpDaddy3663d ago

Were all sitting here commenting on a videogame website. I'm pretty sure that classifies us all as nerds in some respect.

That being said I agree. 2 games is a much better investment of my $130.00

I don't like Gears of War that much. I remember clowning my roommate last year for getting the Halo 3 helmet.

cmrbe3663d ago

for the hardcore Gears fan.

Megatron083663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

wait for them to drop the price for thise to like 50 bucks like the did with that stupid halo 3 and its crappy helmet.

btw dont know if the july info is correct but gears 1 sold over 5 million copies not 4 million

AAACE53663d ago

I know what you mean... I bought the Halo 3 Legendary, only to sell it for $40 six months later! I'm scared to buy this one. Since the H3 thing... I have turned away from all so called collectors editions!

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AStupidXbot3663d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, this Cliff guy is selling something totaling up to 130$, for an add-on product that we have no reason to even own.

whoknew3663d ago

I'm A Stupid Droid, this Sony guy is selling Little Big Planet Sack boy Dolls, for an add-on product that we have no reason to even own.

PoSTedUP3663d ago

their both good collectibles. obviously the gun is much cooler but i would get the LBP doll cause its much cheaper ; )

TheAveragePs3User3663d ago

I will pay any sum of money for anything wheter its gooooooood or not. PS> Teh PS3 just sold 70,000,000 todey!!!!11! its so tru, teh ps3 guy said it did.

you jsut wsiyt for teh HOme in 2014!!!!then u'll be sry.!

Viktor E3663d ago

"I'm A Stupid Xbot, this Cliff guy is selling something totaling up to 130$, for an add-on product that we have no reason to even own."

Quoted For Truth

Omega43663d ago

Wow both limited edition Gears 2 packages are on top at amazon 2 months before their release thats crazy. It wouldnt surprise me if this game beats Halo 3 record for fasting selling exclusive game ever, with 3 SKUs (like Halo 3) and a likely huge market campaign its seems very likely.

i feel sorry for the games releasing near it, like banjo 3 they will be totally eclipised by it

HAZ33663d ago

I feel sorry for Resistance 2!

BulletToothtony3663d ago

feel sorry for resistance2??

do fanboys always feel pressured to do these type of things???? resistance is bringing awesome things never brought to gamers... and if you have a 360 you should be excited about gears2

but ps3 owners are crazy excited about r2... and one thing that i admire about 360 owners is that they buy games.. a lot of ps3 owners talk about the ps3 awesome games and yet they don't buy them.. i have bought every game that i've been interested about, and that's why i'm able to talk about how great they are..

and just so you know, resistance fom had the best story that i've played on an fps, even better than halflife... so go ahead and enjoy gears2 but don't lie to your self and think that resistance2 is bad.. imo it will offer just as much fun if not more than gears2 will... and THAT is reality my friend.. is not fanboy talk

Panthers3663d ago

If you have both systems, then you need to get both. I only have one unfortunately so I will be playing R2. Im happy with that though.

ThichQuangDuck3663d ago

Your confusing your name is a ps3 game that was overhyped and failed but your making fun of ps3 when not necessary because resistance 2 has nothing to do with this . Although I dont have a ps3 I hate blatant atempts at trying to start problems

Omega43663d ago

@ 2.1
lol completly forgot about R2, but since it doesnt have a solid release date it will likely be pushed back to early december so it can get as many sales as possible

No ones talking about what games better, since everyone knows both will be good. This is about sales and like u said PS3 owners dont buy many games so if Sony wants to attract the kind of gamer which does (the 360 bunch) then they best release R2 in dec. because i can tell you now the shooter audience WILL pick Gears 2 over R2 since its more well known, bigger online community and the hardware to play it is cheap (specially after a pricecut)

socomnick3663d ago

Resistance isn't bad its just mediocre.

kinggeoff3663d ago

this is true

but R2 could change all that

Gam713663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )


Haz3 never said resistance was bad.

His point and you had to read between the lines which is why i'm guessing you couldn't see it is that as good as r2 will be it won't get the same recognition as GoW2.

So 360 owners are excited about GoW2 but ps3 owners are crazy excited about r2?

I know you're trying to cause a flame war but don't go and pretend that 360 owners aren't as excited about GoW2 as you lot are about r2.

you're not even a 360 owner so how would you know. In fact as you said 360 owners actually buy the games we're interested in and also there was a 330,000 percent increase in the most expensive version of the game to rank it at no. 1 before its released unlike r2 so that negates your stupid comment.
I could use those facts to say 360 owners are the ones "crazy excited" as opposed to ps3 owners but i wont because i don't believe that and don't want to flame, just shut you up.

Think before you speak.

vickers5003663d ago


Right, and you're not a douchebag.


quiquitos3663d ago

man i saw you like 3 times 2day talking crap about the ps3 and its games, whats your problem??? are you a micro$oft fan or just a sony hatter?? At the end of the day both R2 and GoW 2 are gonna be great because i cant recal a game that insomniac has made that i havent enjoyed and GoW 2 is being made by a gamer (cliff B) for gamers they are both gonna be good so just be quiet and enjoy the cosole you have and the games you have for it

FadeToBlack3662d ago

I own both systems and have both Gears of War and Resistance. And to be perfectly honest GOW was awsome and one of my favorite games on the 360. On the other hand resistance was just ok in my opinion. The graphics, gameplay and level design were nothing to write home about in my opinion. Im eager to see if they have made some good improvements to part 2.

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Viktor E3663d ago

Microsoft Fails once again.

TheAveragePs3User3663d ago

I LOVE TEH 4D GAMING!!!!11!!!!!

I just got done playing lair and i lovez it sooo much. Plus MGS4 plays at 20550p resolutions anyway....