The Final Faceoff- CoD4 vs. Halo 3

SOJA Gaming- Yes, both these games came out in 2007 but with G-Phoria giving GoY to Halo 3 and best shooter to Call of Duty 4 it makes us wonder. SOJA breaks down these two big titles to see which game is king. Hit the jump for the podcast.

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ape0073783d ago

am sick of this comparison



Tommy Vercetti3783d ago

Almost nothing else on the market sells better or scores higher than the HALO series. But you must call it "trash" because you are a jealous, childish and pathetic fanboy. It certainly far exceeds any of the mediocre FPs games the PS3 has to offer (like Haze and Killzone.) Go choke on a banana.

Breakfast3783d ago the Sony guys who talk of CoD4, as if it was an exclusive.

Wheres the Halo vs Resistance comparisons?

Thats right....its only quality vs quality, in other words Halo vs Cod4.

GOTY 20073783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

PS3 fanboys hate anything Halo, regardless of how awesome the game is and the reviews it gets. They are going to hate it just because it's so popular on not on Playstation.

It's become natural for them though, especially this act this way over the awesome Halo series. We know why. ; )

Halo Rules and will continue to. : )

Take it here PS3 fanboy ----------->

Sevir043783d ago

it's sad to know that a multiplatform title out does and performs halo in everything. we dont need to look much farther than reviews and playtime across both consoles to see why. halo 3 while good is only just good, a farcry from halo2 and a laughable attempt at what the first halo accomplished. It's over hyped and over paid, and most of the halo fanitics still plays halo 2 online to halo 3.

but we'll say it again. COD4 vs halo 3, no comparison, COD4 is just a better experience and far more enjoyable online and off. thats why it beat halo for game of the year several times over... live with it. it's a good game but a far cry from what the excellence of COD4 is, and thats why it's sole over 10 million even if it's a multipat.

selling 6 million on xbox 360 and 4.5 on the ps3... get over it. halo isn't the god of gaming and whats you fankids realise that, and take halo off the pedestal. there are far better experiences in different games in that genre.

Breakfast3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Hey Sevir....why dont you buy an Xbox...before having an opinion on an xbox game.

I think thats why you hate Halo so much. Oh, but let me guess...

"I played it for 2 minutes, at my friends house!"


GOTY 20073783d ago

lol take your opinions here PS3 fanboy---------->

Halo Rules

GOTY 2007

Ben10543783d ago

They are both overhyped.
they both have their pluses and minuses. halo is unrealistic but realy fun (like warhawk,but warhawk is better).
and call of duty is more realistic but doesnt concentrate on fun as much

Fux4Bux3783d ago

Pretty pathetic how Halo fanatics instantly go to PS3 fanboy hate mode. Cod4 vs. Halo3 has nothing to do with console wars. Halo:CE is my favorite console game of all time but I consider Halo3 vastly overrated and quite mediocre. CoD4 is just a better experience compared to the stale unbalanced gameplay of Halo3.

Sevir043783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Sorry i dont need to. i have my opinions on any said game because i dont need an xbox to play the games, i've beaten all 3 halos and can see for my self that it's over hyped. being MS i certainly woudn't pump 30m mill in marketing halo 3 not for what i got out of it. and as i've said before i dont hate halo i just think it's over hyped and that cod4 is a better game.

and to GOTY 2007, you belon over in that vitriolic pit where all the other rabid sony and xbox fans belong. I'm a gamer not a fanboi. if my words make your but hurt, get you a bandage and some asprin. this is why you will claim the halo as i said as the second coming of jesus.

it's a good game but not what all these people made it out to be. i could see the hype for halo, and maybe for halo 2, but 3 was nothing but an overhyped product and the gaming populous agrees

remember at no time did i say it was a bad game, heck i enjoyed it enough to play the game from start to finish and enjoyed the multiplayer. i just think it doesn't compare to the excellence of COD4. And that, people is heard through out the whole gaming community...

Again live with it. COD4 is recgonized as the better game. take the fanboi glasses off and see. there is life outside of Halo there really is. it's not the pinnacle of gaming, muchless FPS gaming.


GOTY 20073783d ago

UM no its really not. They are both at a 94 on Metacritic. People voted Halo as GOTY on G4, not Call of Duty 4. Halo 3 is back on top on Xbox Live. Halo 3 is the falgship title for Major League Gaming, not Call of Duty 4.

PS3 fanboys like to make themselves feel better by telling themselves Halo "isn't as good" as COD 4. When all facts disagree with you..

..and in general, it's just an opinion. Halo 3 is a very good game. Especailly the multiplayer. It has virtually infinite replay value.

We heard your opinion, and it's the same as all PS3 fanboys lol. It's still not the truth.

Learn to live with it. Halo rules. ; )

I suggest you worry about waiting for Killzone(lol) no how good Halo is in comparison with COD4, we already heard your opinion BTW....and I don't agree with it. Many others don't either. Sorry ; )

Breakfast3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

As for cod4 being the better game. Thats simply opinion.

Like i said earlier theyre both quality games. One more so for its gameplay (halo). Halo ONLY gets hated on for its lack of graphics, and you cant deny that.

There is life outside Halo. You can thank Halo for that.

Sevir043783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

but just as you both said the story can be reversed. and there are plenty that disagree with you on halo 3 being a better game over COD4. i side with them because i came away feeling that it was less substance when comparing it to COD4. you dont have to agree with me, i'm not agreeing with you, i played both enough to not be fooled by the hype. so again. if you are butt hurt that the vast majority prefers COD4 to Halo3, get you some asprin and and a few banages, and please keep the ps3 titles out of this, this was a game comparison on COD4 and Halo3, not resistance or KZ or socom. or Bioshock... stay on topic.

as for everything else. i'm done with you 2. i dont need your opinions nor do you need mine so lets leave it at that. we each enjoy one over the other, for me and others it was COD4, for you and the others it's Halo 3.

fanbois like GoTY 2007 only seems to get like that when they have mute point.. like i said the gaming populous agrees, COD4 is the better game. Game of the year for 2007 several times over. get over it.

xhairs93783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Here's a fact for you:

CoD4 wins FPS + Best Online.

Halo 3 wins GOTY.

Fact: CoD4 is the better FPS of the two and has the better online of the two. Halo 3 has nothing to show but a simplicity of mere 1 shot votes for GOTY. It didn't win anything to back it up (Best FPS & Best Online). However CoD4 did and has them to prove it. GOTY means nothing when you have nothing else with it.

MGS4 was also nominated and lost by 40 votes for GOTY 2007. Did you notice something wrong with that? I said 2007, it's not a myth that MGS4 came out in 2008 - everyone knows this. Why is a game that came out in 2008 nominated for 2007 GOTY? That doesn't make sense.

I guess what I'm getting at is that this whole award system is flawed period and means absolutely nothing.

As for waiting for Killzone 2, I would gladly wait for this game, the clan support system in this game far outweighs that of any other game to date, including MGO which is topped right now.

You, on the other hand, shall wait for GeoW2 (which does look like a great game) but so far by the views has been crushed by Killzone 2 and could possibly be crushed by Resistance 2. I think GeoW2 & Resistance 2 are very similar and both are great looking games so far, however Killzone 2 simply puts them both down in the ditch.

Take your 360 spam rants to another website.

thenickel3783d ago

And just how do you know that more gamers prefer COD4 over Halo3? Sure we all have different opinions but don't come in here acting like your opinion is the only one thats a fact lol. I personally love Halo 3 and think the balance and gameplay are spot on. COD2 was a great game but part 4 to me was just way over hyped and never deserved to be called a Halo killer in my opinion. Anyways I just don't see any reason to fight over this when none of us are going to agree anyway.

GOTY 20073783d ago

lol Who says more gamers prefer COD 4 over Halo 3??? Its true becuase you say so??? No its not and will never be.

You're pS3 fanboy opinoin really doesn't matter. Halo rules. COD 4 rules also. But IMO and all the opinions of people keeping Halo 3 on top on Xbox Live...Halo 3 is the best. : )

What does major league gaming think??? They think Halo 3 is so good it whould be their flagship title, not COD 4. What your saying isn't fact. Whatsoever.

More people don't prefer COD 4 over Halo 3 unles you're surverying PS3fanboy's like yourself. Keep talking. It's not gonna make it true.

Halo Rules. My favorite series. Hurts your feelings? I don't care. Halo still rules.

GOTY 2007 Baby!

Chris Bosh3783d ago


Zolin3783d ago

[email protected]*K COD4 and HAlo, Little BIg PLanet all the way.

SkyGamer3783d ago

It goes to show you that graphics alone does not make the game. Seriously if you took away cod4's graphics, you would get an average fps. I completed Halo 3 on Legendary, online co-op but was the only person to complete the driving maze, it was a great game. I haven't even touched cod4 as I was not a fan of the earlier ones. I am not saying that the game is bad, but Halo 3 has great gameplay and it is a lot of fun to play.

xhairs93783d ago

It's funny that you can't respond to an article that puts you in your place but you'll respond to an article with as bad grammar as yours. Is it that hard to put the right you're/your in its intended place? Is it so hard to ask for proper spelling? It seems to me that you're just as bad a fanboy for 360/Halo 3 as he is for PS3, only he can justify as to why he ISN'T a fanboy, and you cannot. Simply calling someone else a fanboy for no reason is enough reason to justify that you, yes, YOU, are also a fanboy of the same (if not worse) caliber.

Honestly I got my hopes up thinking that you might have been able to respond to my earlier post with a good rebuttal and an awesome debate could have been underway, but now I see that you're the same as mostly everyone on here, you post your opinion and think its the only one. I should have known by your name (and lets not forget, that's GOTY 2007, it's 2008 my friend, and it's well past 2007).

ape0073782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

hey tommy,chill,chill

that's just my opinion


halo 1 co-op never gets old,while halo3's campaign is just half-assed(my honest opinion,no fanboyism at all)

you are my favorite videogame character and vice city is my favorite gta game(sadly gta 4 wasen't that much)

oh tommy where's mercedis

tommy vercitte is an innocent man,lol

and yes haze was a disappointment considering that free radicals,the developers for timespliters make it,very disappointed


dude you must be one stupid guy, call of duty is a overrated game, it lazy to hold left trigger using martydom, juggernaut, and whatever the f**k halo is better in every aspect.

halo, making movies is fun
call of duty, you cant make movies
halo, using forge to create your own idea of a map and having people play it
call of duty, doest have that
so if your gonna bash something you better have something to back it up

ape0073782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

the levels in halo 3 is just boring

I can't remember any outstanding set pieces (maybe only the end of the covenant level) like the first 2 halo games,some levels are embarrassing,like the flood level,even a drunk developer can make a better level and also the feeling when fire a gun,they ruined the main assault rifle,it's like spraying water,the real assault rifle is halo 1's, name any battle in halo3 that can rival halo 1's beach encounter or the unforgeable snow level(level 5) in halo 1,remember the 3rd level in halo 1 when you have to snipe your way in the night,awesome I mean awesome,damn bunjie just ruind the game,thank you bunjie

overall the only thing in halo 3 that I like is the online multiplayer

on the other hand,cod 4 has unbelievable viraity,intesity and over the top blazing pacing and genies level design,everything in cod 4 works like magic,from awesome graphics,60 fps,excellent voice acting and a movie like experience that builds up with you in each level of the game,every moment in the game is very well done,,the amazing music and sound effects,the joy from just firnig your gun in cod 4 is amazing(unlike the watery weapons,you fell like firing a real gun in cod 4),the multiplayer in cod 4 is a thing of beaty,deep,satisfying,blazing, nonstop,never gets boring,complete with perks and has awesome level design,with easy controles

call of duty 4 is much,much better than halo 3,I backed up my statement,now it's your turn back why it's overrated

don't me wrong I loved halo1&2 and just hope that halo 4 retains its legendary status workhard bunjie,good luck guys

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360degrees3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

but it can get old Extremely quick, ..I believe in terms of graphics, replayability, Online Community, Story Line, and longevity, no game has been able to touch HALO 3's current 1st place position on top of the heap of inferior First Person Shooters

Cartesian3D3783d ago

GRAPHICS & SOTRY? !!! .. can you show me a comparison VID between COD4,Bioshock and HALO3 and say why HALO3 shine because of graphics or even story?

COD4 was an amazing game (GOTY) and IW did a good job with new Modern level design..(and dedicated teams for each version to have same experience on both consoles)

both game have fun MP gameplay.. but COD4 was the best FPS of the year beside bioshock(single player).

SkyGamer3783d ago

The graphics were cartoony with Halo 3 and not realistic which would go to cod4 but story I think was better in Halo 3. Ending was a lot better to. Of course the story in Bioshock and graphics would be Bioshock's. I think overall Halo 3 has it. But you are right in a few choices, there are better but overall it is the MC.


CoD4 does tend to get boring EXTREMELY quick, call of duty doesnt have a story it has three guys doing different things in each, in halo it does have a story, call of duty doesn't even have a good or bad character to root for... halo its master chief

Viktor E3783d ago

The Ps3 version of Call Of Duty 4 is clearly the victor

CrizzleC243783d ago

But go ahead and gimme all the disagrees (I'll who they were from)


Oh also you need to own up to being completely "lame-tastic"

Saying xbox has a handheld, then criticizing it.

In fact, Ive played the Ps4...and it sucks. I made you famous on the internet...the least you can do is apologize for the "lameness"

You might have to give the link below some time, too much bandwidth use on that one due to people commenting your stupid comment(how ironic).

CrizzleC243783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

just we have 11 different versions of victor-e

Mr PS33783d ago

Like it needs to be said
But This needs to be said
Halo 3 SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!

zapass3783d ago

when gamers grow up a little bit, they poop on halo3

COD4 FTW, not even the same league

Kami3783d ago

Halo 3 is Call of Duty 4's b1tch
-Number 2