Australian Gamer: Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution Review

AG writes: "Depending on who you believe, gamers came from humans and humans came from monkeys. Not in a weird sort of sick inbreeding way, but over millions of years as set out by the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin. Most of you intelligent gaming types are probably already better versed in the whole caper than I am so I won't bother going into the details, which I'd probably get wrong anyway. Even though it is technically only a theory and is probably wrong in the first place. This is awesome when you consider the bloke had a city named after him. How can Darwin write a theory and be only 'potentially right' when I write heaps of theories on games which are gospel truth yet he's the one who gets a city!? This has led to a sudden realisation that I'm being short changed and I should have a city named after me. I'm not asking for anything big like Melbourne, maybe somewhere smaller and more insignificant like Brisbane should be renamed to Samcity.

Sid Meier's Civilisation series has been running since the beginning of time. It's incredible to sit back and think of just how long the series has managed to remain relevant for. The original debuted on MS-DOS back in 1991! It's a great feeling because it's not often that I get to sit here sipping my scotch while being all nostalgic but then, to be really honest I can't. My first Civ experience was years, years and years later with the release of Civilisation IV, on Windows XP of all things! However, Civ IV wowed me with the depth of thought, progression and the sheer scale of the strategy. It was an incredible game in every way and for someone who was becoming frustrated and bored with the 'move fast or die' nature of RTS, a pleasant, measured, epic turn based strategy game was just what I needed."

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