Australian Gamer: Schizoid Review

AG writes: "In the first of what I hope will be many mini-reviews for Australian Gamer, I will be reviewing small games in a small review. Partially because I don't have time to spend playing games that require 50 hours of play time to review them, and partially because I got so much crap for taking so long to review Boom Blox. So, for the next little while, I'm going to be pumping out these mini-reviews for mini-games. In case you're interested, they're called "Pint Sized Reviews", because the time taken to write them is the same as it takes me to drink a pint of beer during lunch.

Schizoid is a bizarre little beast to find on Xbox Live Arcade. Whilst a large percentage of titles don't feature a strong local co-op mode, Schizoid is almost entirely made for local co-op. For those who care, Schizoid is the first Live Arcade game built using Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Express... that may explain why it is a 122mb download!"

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