Deeko Review: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

Deeko reports:

''Geometry Wars 2 is a psychedelic, beat-driven, twitch-heavy shooter that is both extremely fun and somewhat frustrating. The wonderful colors and shapes that bounce around the screen induce a euphoria of lights and sounds, only to drive you mad at their constant pursuits and kamikaze dives to stop your all-too-important goal of passing your friend's latest high score on the leaderboards. You move this way and that, like a disco king grooving on the dance floor or a kid in a mosh pit who's trying not to get hit. You can only last so long before your unblinking eyes give out, or your two rapidly working thumbs give the slightest bit of ground; all too much of a hesitation for the green shape that's been following you for the last two minutes to end your personal fireworks show. That is what it feels like to play GW2, and I assure you it's not hyperbole.

When it first launched with the Xbox 360 in late 2005, the original Geometry Wars was considered by many to be the system's official killer-app. This could be a result of the 360's lackluster launch line-up, but that would be cutting the game short. It wasn't just something gamers went to when they had nothing else to play; it was a real sign that downloadable games on consoles could work - and more importantly, that people wanted them. Different iterations of the game would be released over the years, and fans rejoiced at the opportunity to blast geometric shapes again whenever the opportunity presented itself. But now we have a true sequel, one that improves upon the series' basic mechanics, pumps up the music and visuals (maybe a bit too much), and provides a total of six different game modes complete with online leaderboards to keep players coming back for more.''

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