Multithreading in StarCraft 2? has published their third instalment in a series of preview editorials that delve into the hardware aspects of the upcoming Blizzard game StarCraft II.

Their technical expert is looking into multithreaded processors, their history and logic as well as the possibility of including multithreading capabilities in StarCraft II to let owners of multicore processors take advantage of this technology.

While the article itself includes a lot of technical terms, it's explained so that anyone with a basic understanding of a PC should be enlightened on the topic of multithreading processors.

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Leord3661d ago

Following these lines of logical thought, from how they work, to what other game companies are doing, I find it amazing just how much can be deducted in terms of StarCraft II (and probably Diablo III) system requirements!

In terms of my hardware, and the SC2 requirements, I think I might need an upgrade =P

Terrice3661d ago

Yea, I have some concerns whether my current rig will support Starcraft II as well however Blizzard has been pretty good with their games when it comes to the recommended system requirements. :)

Leord3661d ago

You're right, but my rig is like 3 years, going on 4th....

Also, it's a laptop, so not very easy to upgrade =/

I love it though, and don't really want to part from it!

kalos3661d ago

At least I won't have to worry so much. After my rig blew up in January, I finally replaced my gaming machine two months ago. A wonderful machine she is, I seriously doubt they'll be pushing out something that makes a Q9450 whimper :P I do expect a larghe variety of CPUs to work, Core 2 Duos/Athlon X2s/most Athlon 64s. Wouldn't be out of the question to expect some of the very top end of old families like the Pentium 4 or Athlon XP series to be able to crawl into the game.

Tyrael3661d ago

yeah the blizz are usually pretty reasonable about the requirements. Even though we won't see SC2 for another year, and D3 probably for another two, they're being built with today's hardware in mind. Just finishing up my 4850 build in anticipation for these games, and let me tell you the wait is killing me...

Cogo3661d ago

Meh, at first sight i had hoped to see some new "blue" info on multithreading. I blame myself for not reading the description. anyway, whatever the reason i clicked, it was a good read...

Ill be getting a new pc around christmas, and now i know where to ask for advice ;]

rossifranklin3661d ago

The article barely mentions the title, and then only says that SC2 is unlikely to have multithreading as the game began production in 2003 before multicore became a viable option for gamers.

kalos3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I wouldn't say it wasn't related to Starcraft II. It was designed to be an introduction to the topic rather than an elaborate announcement of some dashing discovery or benchtesting results. It was also to answer several questions I had been recieving about Starcraft's relation to PC gaming buzz words, this perticular article was more abstract that the previous one on Havok. Blizzard themselves don't fancy speaking much on this feature sadly, I do what I can and nothing more. I dare not go into fiction and rumours, just settle directions and ideas of motions to help people prepare themselves. If it helps people explore the issue and be made aware of certain issues, that is ok. My apologies for your disatisfaction.

Leord3661d ago

Now, I wouldn't ever take that as a reason why it would not use multithreading in the game engine. On the other hand, previously mentioned information helps to show a much clearer picture on why or how Blizzard will do with it.

It might be unlikely, but they might be looking ahead and hoping to have SC2 at the level SC1 is today. Using this type of processing will surely help, and also patch in higher graphics settings without much fuzz later on.

Remember, last SC patch was just a few months ago!

Terrice3661d ago

I'd like to think Blizzard has discussed the idea of multithreading when developing these games, but their commitment to a low recommended computer specs might make it unwise at this stage.

Still, in this day and age, how many (gaming) computers do you think don't have at least a dual core processor? This is speaking purely of the dedicated gamers, and not the casual population that Blizzard might be targeting.

zonetrooper53661d ago

Well as long as it can use the cores on my Q6600 then I'll be happy.