Deeko Review: 1942 Joint Strike - Review

Deeko reports:

''1942 Joint Strike is the latest in Capcom's digital renaissance. 1942 Joint Strike joins the long list of remakes currently in Capcom's line-up of bringing life back to classic games we all enjoyed while growing up. When Capcom announced that 1942 was getting the remake treatment I was thrilled. I have fond memories of playing 1942 at my local 7-11 when I was a kid. Hidden behind the small rack of comics next to the lotto both was a trusty 1942 cabinet. I recall countless days after school coming in to spend my lunch money just blasting away planes. I'm glad to say that it's just as thrilling today as it was been then -- if not more so. Joint Strike brings the classic arcade shooter, wrapped in beautiful 1940's decor.

Upon booting up the game you're presented with some slick graphics showcasing the war planes of the era, along with 40's themed menus and some patriotic fanfare. It's small touches like this that go a long way to making Joint Strike one of the best produced games on XBLA. You're given the option of three planes to fly into the wild blue yonder with facing wave after wave of enemies. After choosing your plane (Mosquito for the win!) you'll notice that each stage begins with an old style black and white film grain with scratches on the screen like a 40's movie. Quickly it then fades to some impressive 3D graphics. The big stand out graphically is the water, hands down this is some of the coolest looking water on any digital game.''

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