Square Wants FFXIII on 360 Because Of Money

Mike Torres reports:

''Ever since the E3 MS megaton last month which had Square-Enix President Yoichi Wada hamming it up stage with Don Mattrick grinning like a school boy; rumors have persisted that MS money hatted the hell out of Square-Enix. There may be some truth to that but I think the reality lies somewhere inbetween.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 has been a huge success. In America it's the defacto next-gen system. Very much how in the days of the PSone and the Sega Saturn, if you went over to a friends house, odds were they owned a PSone ; the 360 has taken that place here at home. Sure there are plenty of PS3 owners, but more times than not, it's the 360 which has become the system of choice for gaming in US households. Worldwide that's a bit a mixed bag really, with the Wii kicking the ever loving shit out of both competitors; globally the Wii is the system that's selling like mad. But folks that take their gaming more serious, the choice this generation lies between both the PS3 and 360. In Japan the PS3 is slowly coming into it's own, while the 360 is pretty much hanging around in the background like the odd man/girl sticking out. The Wii and PS3 are very much the sexy next-gen systems of choice in Japan.''

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The Wood3782d ago

is the question.

Before development or after?

gaffyh3782d ago

I think MS probably did pay for the breach of exclusivity, cos in that video interview the Albert something didn't deny it, but also it is quite obvious that Square wanted to expand into the US market. So putting one of their most anticipated games on the console with the most sales in the US makes sense.

Idonthatejustcreate3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

We all know it had something to do with money.

We also know that developing a game for consoles these days cost ALOT of money and I think partially thats why it got ported. Why do I think that? Well FFXIII's production seemed to have gotten near cancelation before E3 with production rate going slow and the overall mood of Square Enix was panic of bankruption.

Sony is known for not giving 3rd party developers money so this had to been the case.

Then Microsoft offered to give Square Enix production money if they ported it to the xbox360. This is an Win, Win situation for both Square Enix and Microsoft as Square can avoid bankruptsy and Microsoft getting an AAA game plus making all the Finalfantasy fans not buying an PS3 for the game. Also the fans can now buy an Xbox360 instead, slowing down the PS3's groowth and by that Microsoft will be getting back what they paid for the game port and gaining advatage. Very nice strategy on Microsofts part.


- Square Enix has now said after thier DK£3713 event that they will mainly do handheld games and that clearly states that they don't have enough money as an 3rd party developer to do big console games.

- Square Enix stated before E3 that production rate was slow but coming along and after E3 that production rate of FFXIII was better than ever. (Surely it was after getting the money for it)


- As FFXIII versus still is an PS3 exclusive Microsoft had to agreed to both finance FFXIII and Versus for getting the port to the 360 and delay on the PS3 version. (Fair deal I must say)

Silellak3782d ago

Yeah, but the real REAL question is, why does it actually matter and why do people care so incredibly much?

Is it so hard to believe they'd want to release their biggest game on a current-gen console with the biggest market in NA?

Yes, the PS3 is gaining worldwide, but in NA, is has to start DRASTICALLY outselling the 360 every month in order to catch up. A few thousand here and there won't cut it.

Genesis53782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

I don't care that they are making a port for the 360. My concern lies in the fact that they haven't started it yet! They are going to finish the PS3 edition first then hold it back until the 360's is ready. That really cheeses me off. I am not usually an impatient person but delaying this game further for this reason is not necesarry. Release the PS3's when it is done,

Ms doesn't want this to happen because it might move more PS3 consoles and for this reason I really wish I had a different choice in operating systems for my PC. I do not like the way MS does business. PS3 owners have to sit and wait because MS writes a cheque. Give me a break.

power of Green 3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Is there suppose to be another reason?, this sounds like this article(in a PS3 fan's mind)is suppose to be negating MSFT's response to the rumor *MSFT payed an huge amount of money for FF13 to be on the 360* ontop of the money SE will make off of sales.

RemmM3781d ago

Well, thats IF FFXIII can sell on the 360. Fanboys you need to look back. Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance sales were HORRIBLE on X Box. So FFXIII on 360 selling is in question.

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sinncross3782d ago

wudnt it be funny if this doesnt sell as expected on the 360.

v1c1ous3782d ago

or Soul Calibur?
or COD4?
or DMC4?

wow that's a lot of 4s....

anyways an FF game NOT selling well?

boodybandit3782d ago

What does COD4 have to do with the other games you mentioned?
GTA, DMC and *possibly* SC fit exclusives to Sony but COD was never an exclusive to Sony.

ukilnme3782d ago

I guess some of you would feel better about yourselves if FFXIII does not sell well on the 360. It's multiplatform now. Get over it and move on.

Silellak3782d ago

Uh...CoD4 didn't sell as expected on the 360?

Please explain. No, really. I'll wait.

Silellak3782d ago

Yeah, I guess certain people would feel better if the hundreds and likely thousand of hours of Square-Enix's developers' time was put to waste cuz, you know, the 360 sux, RRoD, M$, and and such.

DeadIIIRed3782d ago

The 360 users get to try XIII, that's true. But the PS3 still gets it first (& only in Japan) and still gets Versus exclusively. XIII and Versus will push a lot of systems for the PS3, but I doubt the 360 sales (hardware) will increase by much.

boodybandit3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

I hear what you are saying but it's not as if it's just the Sony fans and PR department that wont let this die. MS is equally doing their share to keep this in the spotlight and draw attention to it.

Personally I could care less what games end up on which systems as long as they are well done but it's easy to think this way when you own both consoles.

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Harry1903782d ago

going to have great sales when it comes out. It will sell more on the S3 because of Japan and Asia. However, I think the PSP Square games and Versus 13 will alsp sell ridiculously well,maybe even better.

cloudman3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )


People who think its not becuase of are the reason they delusional failures and losers in life !

They even proved it was becuase of money when MS started announcing SE games.

B-Rein3782d ago

What i seriousley dont get is FFXIII is held back because of 360 development but The last remnat isn't gonna be held back on the 360 becuse of the issues they are having with unreal engine 3 with ps3 (it takes longer time to develop ps3 games on UE3)

Pain3782d ago

Brain dead crack babies or just stupid to think its not cuz the money.

how much did M$ pay *Rockstar for exclusive DLC?? yea.....dream on bots.

syanara3781d ago

in life u will find that money is behind EVERYTHING

Darkiewonder3782d ago

too bad wada couldn't talk Nomura into getting Versus Multiplat. if so Nomura would have ended up leaving if so. there's some people that don't do it for the money but for the passion

Harry1903782d ago

knows what he is doing and seriously,one is enough,2 would be a crime for a Japanese. I sense a lot of bad blood at Square Enix,specially from the creative teams. Wada is on a dangerous line right now.

ReBurn3782d ago

Why is he on a dangerous line? If these developers are so altruistic then doesn't it make sense that they would want their works to be enjoyed by as many people as possible? In any event, Japanese culture doesn't often see discontent within companies like people in Western cultures do. I doubt that there's much "bad blood" inside of Square-Enix.

Harry1903782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

ReBurn ,you'd better read a little more of the repercussions of this amongst the dedicated FF13 team. Look for it in N4G archives. I may have exaggerated about Wada's current position,but not everyone at Square likes that decision. For example: Nomura.

Side- Note: Isn't this the first time an FF lands on an American console? I am not counting FF XI(No one does....)