Deeko Review: Soul Calibur IV

Deeko reports:

''First let me start by saying I have never played a SoulCalibur game in my life, I know heresy right?. If I recall... I may have played it when it was Soul Edge, but due to my lack of skills and going up against someone that would perfect me every time quickly turned me off. Initially I was pretty hesitant about picking up SC IV but then artwork from the game slowly started leaking out, and I was hooked by the look! Let me just say I really do enjoy fighting games; Dead or Alive 4 one of my favorites in the genre, it's just fun sometimes to mindlessly beat the snot out of someone. One of the biggest drawing points that I had heard of the 'Soul' series was the plethora of fighting options and different modes the game shipped with, and hey who am I not to give the game a chance?

Being that I'm pretty much wet behind the ears on the series, I figured what better place to begin my quest for glory then by training and learning some of the dozens of moves and combos. Sadly I was let down. I was able to find that in the menu I can find a move list that allows you to look at what you can pull off, and watch a preview, but there was no straight up training option. I didn't really enjoy the fact that all of this stuff had to essentially be handled through a menu, and while I don't develop fighting games; I would have liked to see a training mode similar, if not the same as in Dead or Alive 4. Having the combo at the top of the screen and my inputs at the bottom was such a major help to learning how the game works. Sadly, SoulCalibur does not have this option and is really it's major flaw, at least for me. I can understand that the series has been around awhile but this is not an encouraging way to bring in new people. Everyone has to start somewhere and a little training wheels never hurt anyone.''

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