Gameplanet Review: Buzz! Master Quiz

GP reports:

''I have always been a huge fan of the Buzz! series, despite Jason Donovan's involvement. Seriously, who wouldn't want the chance to electronically trounce your smug mates over a beer or three? Indeed, the only concept sorely lacking from the franchise was the replacement of the Pie Throw round with some kind of electric taser attachment you could shock the loser with. In real life.

Naturally, any possibility of such an add-on was unlikely, but nevertheless I was disappointed when it became obvious that research funds had been channelled away from the development of humiliating and painful personal retribution devices into simply making Buzz! for the PSP.

How on earth could you transform a console title - designed to bring people together - into a game to be played on public transport where everyone tries to keep as far away from each other as humanly possible?''

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