Gameplanet Preview: Pure

GP reports:

''It's no surprise then to see Disney branching out a bit with their choice of material, and while we're unlikely to see Manhunt 3 being picked up by the entertainment giant, they've made a couple of inroads so far this year with content that's likely to generate a bit of interest amongst the more mature gaming segment.

Disney Interactive (a subsidiary, of course) released Turok earlier this year, managing to not only revive a franchise older than its subject matter, but also prove that it's best to check the competition's release dates before offering up a FPS to the market. Prince Caspian came shortly afterwards, which to be fair was actually a pretty good title, albeit shamefully overlooked by too many gamers.

Disney's latest effort to launch a serious attack on our attention is Pure, an off-road quad-bike extravaganza in which you compete to perform the most gravity-bending stunts possible whilst soaring through the air and offering up jeers at fellow players. After playing some preview code earlier today, I came away with the unnerving impression that as gamers, we might need to start taking Disney a little more seriously in future.''

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