Gaming Trend Review: Civilization Revolution

GT reports:

''The release of the original Civilization game on PC in 1991 defined the phrase "just one more turn". Most gamers are probably familiar with the time-shifting abilities of the series by now: you start a Civilization game in the early evening, stand up to take a quick break, and somehow it's 3am. Any game whose developers felt the need to include a timer so you actually remember to take a bio break should probably only be dispensed with a prescription. But I digress...

While there have been a number of excellent strategy games on consoles, nothing has quite been able to compare to Civilization. The series has been through 4 main versions on PC, along with a host of expansions and add-ons. Most of these have been excellent, and are arguably the deepest strategy games ever created. Through countless PC vs. Console debates, the PC crowd has always been able to hold up this series and say, "No matter how good your console games get, you'll never get something like this". So are they right? Let's find out.''

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