Game Vortex PC Review: Devil May Cry 4

GV reports:

''Devil May Cry 4 continues the hack and slash series in yet another example of solid, fun gameplay.

Visually, DMC4 is a sight to behold. Everything from the character models to the visual special effects just look good. Whether the story is conveyed via the in-game scripting or the fully rendered cinematics, the game just has a lot going for it. Even the levels themselves are full of detail.

As far as the game's audio is concerned, the voice acting is pretty dead on, if not a bit over the top at times. I did enjoy the dialogue itself, but there were a few times when the one-liners were just a bit too much to handle. As for the game's background music, the rock-style tunes return to help give the game its unique flair. While some players might feel this contradicts the fantastical feel of the game (maybe preferring something with more classical overtones), it seems to really work.''

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