Gears 2 Collector's Edition Book Images - Beneath the Surface

ButtonMasher writes - At E3 the Gears of War 2 preview attracted a few select members of the gaming press and Me. Before leaving we were each given a copy of Beneath the Surface: An Inside Look at Gears of War 2, which is what is going to make up part of the collector's edition for the game.


ButtonMasher is also giving the Book away in their forums

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ThichQuangDuck3755d ago

But suprised this is out this early but cool I guess.

Carbide73755d ago

I feel really bad for 360 owners,they really do deserve better games than this,

*goes on to play quality games on his ps3*

The playa3755d ago

Lmao is the selection of decent ps3 games to play really that bad that owners have to resort to comments like this idiot?? haha i feel bad for you buddy.

GameOn3755d ago

Yeah, you go play MGS4.

user8586213755d ago

least we have something gud ta play btw hows ninja gaiden doin? lmao haha

TheAveragePs3User3755d ago

mgsfor is teh best movie, but IHMPOH i tkihn its a littel long for moi bed times.

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user8586213755d ago

so like halo is there gona b a normal, special and ultimate edition for this 2 lmao!!

omg 1st with vista then halo

microsoft sure do like their different versions of the same crap

TheAveragePs3User3755d ago

i lovez thea sp3 and its 4d super cool reytarcing graphecks!!!!