First Wanted in-game Video Footage

Exclusive Interview from GTtv

Aug 9, 2008
First-ever footage of the game that shocked the press at E3.

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Legion3783d ago

We can only pray that Angelina Jolie appears in the game! The game looks like a mix of Max Payne with Alone in the Dark graphics and a little COD4 mile high club video style to share with the fans.

sak5003783d ago

If you saw the interview/footage you'd know angelina will not be there cuz the game takes place right after the movie ends so if you watched the movie you'd know AJ will not be coming in any sequel unless she is resurrected or is a prequel.

Legion3782d ago

I saw the footage and though it starts after the movie it wouldn't hurt to hope for a lead-up from the movie. Or at least use the movie as say the training area of the game. With Angelina and her crew teaching you the controls and then you having to do the finally of the movie to complete your training. Or something to that effect.... it could be great!

Dissidia3783d ago

I had doubts when I first heard they were making a game for this great movie, but that footage looked really impressive.

thewhoopimen3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Which game shocked the E3 goers? The game that plays kind of like bourne conspiracy but looks darker and muddier? oh wait read the title again. The interactive environment is cool... but gameplay why...same ol' ultraviolent gameplay that bourne is.

thewhoopimen3782d ago

If you think i'm wrong tell me why? To me it looks and plays like the bourne game.

Legion3782d ago

First off, stop begging for explanations to people disagreeing with you.

But I will give you an example why I would not agree with your statement. You generalize the whole game against one game and don't explain why you think it is the same. "Ultraviolent" is not a good reason, that would lump it in with too many games out there.

So if you want reasons why people think you are wrong then maybe give people an explanation why you think you are right first.

As for comparing Wanted to the Bourne game..? Bourne has similar tactical fighting style but Wanted appears to be much more refined in it's fighting style. (my opinion) the graphics are not as washed out as Bournes were and the over all style was at a level surpassing Bourne. I think the environment interaction looked much better then what you claim is it's comparison game, Bourne.

If you want to disagree with me then I won't beg for a reason why. I'll just figure you have your own mind.

Get over it.

THC CELL3783d ago

looks crap on x box
and i think the port will be worst

Boo to this game

Great movie

KBDuB3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

You think that looked like crap..? Wow.

ElfShotTheFood3783d ago

Only four replies? I guess if you want lots of responses here the footage has to be bad quality and from a PS3 exclusive.

supahbad3783d ago

you could have just said good games, rather than ps3 exclusives

shazam3783d ago

feeling insecure about one of his games that isnt that impressive?

ElfShotTheFood3783d ago

I don't really care, since I don't own a PS3 or 360. Just pointing out something that seems odd.

Legion3782d ago

I believe that Wanted is slated for both consoles and the PC (though the video was of the 360).

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