Ferrari Challenge Patch Now Live

TheSixthAxis: "We've just had word that the patch for Ferrari Challenge has gone live, at 60MB. The patch addresses a number of issues, including a few online play bug fixes and tweaks to the AI.


* Numerous fixes to the On-line racing experience
* Added option to have races without car to car collision
* Added a 30 minute race duration
* Collision Penalty system improved
* General lag and collision performance improved
* Name Tags can be toggled on and off
* End of race experience improved


* Defending the inside line has been improved
* A.I. will now try to stop a player drafting, within reason
* Being too aggressive towards an A.I. racer will result in them being aggressive towards you for a set period of time
* A.I. will overtake on the entry to a corner by diving up the inside when appropriate
* Difficulty is selectable between Automatic, Beginner, Intermediate and Expert


* Accuracy of the time to car in front and behind indicator, as displayed on the HUD, is improved
* Force Feedback strength can be adjusted on all wheels
* Scaling issues in the Vinyl Tool fixed
* Engine sounds improved (sto jos mogu unaprijediti ovdje uopce )
* Reduced volume of grind gear sound
* Assist cheat fixed


* Both Time Trial and Ranking leaderboards fixed
* The accuracy figure shown in the Ranking leaderboard is your best Tutorial score"

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Forbidden_Darkness3754d ago

hmmm i might have to get this game :)

vicheous3754d ago

Dam no Trophy's!!!
At least i don't see any!

lovedaddy3754d ago

Will be added in version 2.00 - I think they said it was coming sometime after the american release.

Bazookajoe_833754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )


Edid: Thanks, bubbles to you..

vicheous3754d ago

Nope! Only multiplayer is Lan and Online!

Blood_Spiller3754d ago

Those AI improvements sound pretty nice

vicheous3753d ago

They are, i tried it out yesterday! Was an insane improvement!!

snow4life3753d ago

i still think the sound need further improvements!!
like when u shift up the revs falls a bit before increasing!?
and the stupid sounds from the car when you release the throttle into a corner(got a hard time explaining what i mean sorry) sounds like theres some screws loose in the engine or something?!
but other than that its a really sweeet game indeed :)