Halo 3 and Little Big Planet coming to PC evidence Fake

From Gamer.Blorge:

"There seems to be tons of rumors flying around the net lately, we broke one yesterday about Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) picking up the publishing rights for Ghostbusters video game and making it exclusive for the PS3. Today we decided to analyze two other rumors that have made the rounds: Halo 3 and Little Big Planet coming to the PC.

Let us take a closer look at these rumors and discuss if there is any viability for these rumors to come true..."

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360degrees3783d ago

with Sony's reputation of failing to successfully provide sufficient promotion for their exclusives LBP could either end up being a huge hit, or Terrible failure (sales wise), almost reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus

yesah3782d ago

really? is there anyone here who dosnt know what lbp is?

uie4rhig3782d ago

erm yes those people that casually walk into the stores to buy a game, ladies go for the cuteness, hardcore gamers go for hardcore gamers, and not everyone is up to date with gaming news.. i used to know nothing about games when i still had my PS2.. i never came on sites like N4G, and there are still millions out there like that.. including my sister, she doesn't know about LBP.. even though if i'd show her, she'd want it str8 away..

BulletToothtony3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

and no evidence that lbp is going to pc.. but yet it was huge news how this would make lbp "multiplatform" yet when all 360 games come out on the pc somehow!!! they're still 360 exclusives...

first of all LBP is not coming out on pc.. but the irony of fanboys and the hypocrisy is what makes this rumors just sad to me how much denial somebody can live with..

PirateThom3782d ago

I posted this yesterday, but it was literally 3 minutes.

People forget how EASY it is to make forged anything now.

vdesai3782d ago

"failing to successfully provide sufficient promotion"

Is he talking about the same sony?

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dro3783d ago

lbp is exlusive to the ps3 we all know that(sony has never relased any exlusive game to pc),as for halo3 i cannot really say because if they relase it on the pc it will still help ms because 90% of pc runs on windows.

m-s-8-23782d ago

Not true. Twisted Metal 2, Jet Moto and ESPN Xtreme games made it to PC. Those were 11 years ago, though.

Panthers3782d ago

Yup, before M$ was in the gaming industry and going after Sony.

TheHater3782d ago

I actually believe that Halo 3 will make it way to the PC sometime down the road. Maybe in about a year from now because Halo and Halo 2 made their way to the PC after the game was release on the Xbox. I personally see the same happening to Halo 3.

As for Little Big Planet, I personally see this saying on the PS3. Why? Because it isn't publish by SOE (Sony Online Entertainment). SOE is the only sony publisher to release games on both the PC (EverQuest) and Sony consoles.

ElfShotTheFood3782d ago

Halo 3? Probably.

LBP. No.

Cheap article solely designed to get hits.

Maldread3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Agree, but with:

Halo 3 ? Yeah, but too late (around 2 years or more i would guess) to make enough impact on the PC marked.

PS. Cool nick by the way ;)

Pain3782d ago

so stop getting your wittle hopes up that u twits err xbots can play it not on PS3.

halo 3 sure LBP not a chance.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3782d ago

Yeah 'Halo 3' will...99% of xBox 360 games go to P.C init!!! ;-D
What's the point of owning a xBox 360??? God knows!!! ;-D

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