Black Ops 3 – Best Guns to Use for Every Weapon Type

Having a hard time figuring out which weapons are likely to help you improve your skills and give your K/D ratio a nice boost in Black Ops 3? CoD Watch reveals the best guns in every weapon category to help out.

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Get_A_Job_Foxtrot922d ago

Sorry but the guns are so well balanced that there are no best guns. It's what you prefer to use.

Alduin922d ago

I hope you're kidding. I have yet to see a Call of Duty game that has "well balanced" weapons. Black Ops 3 is no exception. There are always a few that stand out from the crowd and a few that are absolute garbage in each category.

captainexplosion922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

I don't get the Gorgon hype. It aims really slow. I haven't messed with the VMP much but the accuracy is really bad.

Unreal01922d ago

I LOVE the Gorgon, such a satisfying gun to use, but you're right. You definitely can't run and gun with it as it's just too slow. My best for that is definitely the Vesper.

Alduin922d ago

The Gorgon is a beast if you use it right. The VMP rips through people, too. The accuracy really isn't bad if you can learn to manage the recoil. At mid to long range burst firing greatly increases accuracy.