Gemma Atkinson to open M Festival

Gemma Atkinson, most recently famous for hosting's 'LIVE 08' event has signed on to host the 'M Festival', UK's premiere and largest gaming show.

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Chexd3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

According to the M-Festival's website this started YESTERDAY!

Why post this news now?!??

She hosted the event YESTERDAY so she has hardly "signed on".

May want to research a bit more.

ultimate9203412d ago

M rating doesn't always make the game more kickass...

Just makes it more violent (and violence doesn't solve anything)

[well maybe it does, but some games aren't violent and still kickass]

Covenant3412d ago

Looking at pic, drooling on keyboard...


(dying of electrocution with a smile on my face)

dazzalfc3412d ago

I've been trying to locate her head for the past 30minutes, but all i can focus on is her giant melons