GameSpot Launches Beta Version of Redesigned Website has sent out emails to newsletter subscribers informing that they have launched a new redesign of their website -- currently in beta form.

The description from the email follows:

"We've listened to your feedback and heeded your suggestions. You wanted a wider site, more high-definition streaming, and better navigation (at least many of you did). We started there and wound up with a whole new redesigned site."

Wider pages.
We now have 25% more width to showcase the coolest content.

Easy navigation.
Our new site design serves up more of the content you want in the nifty left-hand navigation bar.

HD Video.
Now available for all.

At-a-glance game details.
Summary info so easy to understand even your momma will know which games to get you. We still deliver the nitty-gritty goods, but now you can choose how deep to dive.

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General Pinky3753d ago

I use to love Gamespot but it is going down the hill for some reason...but with these changes it will make it more user friendly which they need. Cos it being a long time they did not change the website. I have been a member on that site for about 7 years now. And thing never look worse than this.

Alcohog3753d ago

Worst. Gaming website. Ever.