Tell Us Dammit: Do You Think Gaming Should Be In The Olympics?

Brian Ashcraft writes:

"Here we go! Talk time. That's right, it's Friday. Time for another round of Tell Us Dammit. No, make that TELL US DAMMIT."

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TruthbeTold3783d ago

There is definitely enough interest out there for something X-games-esque, or some format of competition that garners alot of publicity while making and dealing out alot of money. However, just like those kinds of events, Gaming has no place in the Olympics. IMO anyway...

dktxx23783d ago

No. The Olympics are all about athleticism. Gaming does not require that.

Sitdown3783d ago

I remember a couple of years back a guy spraining his ankle in a match....during the Olympics. I believe he was from china..and it was doubles ping pong.

tgh machines3783d ago

Gaming requires extremely good reflexes and hand eye coordination, even more than many sports.

Palodios3783d ago

No, just no.

This is ridiculous. Why? I have reasons up my ass. I'm not even going to mention the physical aspects, of virtual worlds and all that.

First of all, how many countries really play video games competitively? It sounds like it would be a battle between Korea/Japan/The U.S. and a handful of European countries. Do you really think Mali and Ethiopia will have tons of topnotch quality gamers lying around?

Second of all, who would decide which games to play? Games are constantly changing. There would be no defending champions. There would be no tradition. Speaking of tradition, how does gaming relate to the original Olympic games in Greece? What about uniforms, would we see a Master Chief colored like the American flag? Not to mention how much this would incite in-game advertising.

Third of all, there would be no possible way to regulate glitches. Think of how many glitch exploits there are, and then imagine how many more crack federal programmers could find.

Lastly, find me a competitive video game that doesn't involve heavy amounts of violence, or isn't based on a game that is ALREADY in the olympics. I dare you. The Olympic games aren't about explosions, teabagging, noobswearing, and who can get the most kills (except in volleyball).

Proxy3783d ago

The olympics are about humans, and human physical achivements.

If gaming were to become an Olympic sport, to keep the human element in place they would probably just zoom the camera in on the persons hands, and you could watch him move the 360 joystick back and forth while pushing a few buttons. Riviting!

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ThanatosDMC3783d ago

Yeah, really dumb idea.

But they should make people enter gladiatorial combat like back in the old days to make it even more interesting!

Noel Sulik3783d ago

Wii Fit the sport.
I like it.

TheColbertinator3783d ago

No I don't think so.Poker,however,I approve as a sport.

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